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  1. ScubaSteve

    Welding stainless mesh... anyone done it?

    I've tried tigging, but it'll overheat. The wire is just too small. Spot welding works well...just not as good as a seam welder....and if you're looking at doing a basket you need some long tongs! I'd just go have a look at I'm a bigtime DIY guy but some things are just better...
  2. ScubaSteve

    DIY Grainfather/BIAC style build

    C'mon, man! Show us some closeups of the new lip/collar! I'm guessing you just sealed the top and filled the whole keg with argon? I've been wanting to do something like this and have just had too many other projects. Need to get back under the hood and brush up on my skills!
  3. ScubaSteve

    Beer wars: Yuengling fights massive merger of Budweiser and Miller Lite brewers

    Agree with the above. Maybe it'll force lawmakers to reinvent the 3-tier system of distribution. Brewers need a way to get their beer out there but there shouldn't be so many restrictions on how they do it.
  4. ScubaSteve

    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    Not a bad idea, but expensive and bulky....and consider that if you have a sensor you will have to add a QD to aggressively are you washing it? I just laid mine on the ground, lightly scrubbed, then sprayed. It should not be heavily soiled unless you are free-floating your hops.
  5. ScubaSteve

    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    I've put a similar RTD probe in mine...I can say that the cable looks thicker on that one you pictured, you will probably have trouble running it down the tube. The RTD wiring I used was the standard kind, and it worked well. As far as the sensor goes, it just rests on the bottom, no need to...
  6. ScubaSteve

    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    Hello Everyone- Just wanted to say that I ordered a Hot rod, and finally got around to putting everything together. All I can say is that this is one well thought out piece of gear! I chose to use a PT100 sensor that is ~1-1/2" long; I bought that and a few other odds and ends from...
  7. ScubaSteve

    Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger

    If the hex is vertical and you have the wort enter from the top, you will have almost zero waste left in chiller. You'd need to "fill" the hex before chilling, then flow at a rate that would not evacuate the tubes, otherwise you'd lose your surface area. Alternatively, flow wort up from the...
  8. ScubaSteve

    Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger

    Wow, that StillDragon looks like what I was trying to build....I still think the tubes should be smaller and more numerous. As a condenser it just needs to take ethanol gas and return it to liquid, right? Not sure about the delta or temp change required.....but I do know we are asking quite a...
  9. ScubaSteve

    Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger

    Sorry guys, I guess I kind of dropped off the map! I tried it out a few times and it didn't really blow my hair back...IIRC it took 15-20 mins to chill about 6 gallons of wort from boiling to ~100F...constantly recirculating because the output was too hot to go right into the fermenter. I ended...
  10. ScubaSteve

    "Numb Tongue Brewery" my 1 Barrel Home Brewery's things? :p
  11. ScubaSteve

    Does nobody use a grant?

    Low tech, high effect. Well done!
  12. ScubaSteve

    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    A bushing might be a nice solution....internal threads would be 1/2" FPT allowing you to thread it over existing 1/2" MPT camlocks, and the outside threads would be would still be able to keep the length down, and adapt to a garden hose in just one fitting. I've actually adapted...
  13. ScubaSteve

    Craft The Perfect Draft Pump Up Your Brewday

    Probably not necessary every brew day, but maybe every 5....ymmv.
  14. ScubaSteve

    How to use 120 ft of copper for a chiller

    If you don't do the ribcage style (looks pretty effective though) at least make the IC a wider want as many coils as you can get under the surface and as much room to whirlpool as possible. A narrow diameter chiller sticks up too much and interferes with the whirlpool.
  15. ScubaSteve

    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    How is everyone implementing their RTD/Thermocouple? It looks as if you could put a port for one on the body of the hotrod pointing straight up or sideways....but I guess if it used NPT threads there would be an increased risk of leakage.
  16. ScubaSteve

    Storage Storage Storage....

    I've seen a vessel rack built along the top of a garage wall.....really just a shelf with 2x4's and plywood. That gets the bulky stuff out of the way. I personally use a cart with wire allows everything to drip dry. They sell wire shelving and that works well. A brew stand with some...
  17. ScubaSteve

    7.5g sanke keg conversion

    If you are strictly using it for 5G batches, they will work, but you need to be careful of boilovers. I brewed with a 7.5 gallon turkey fryer stockpot, and it worked fine with FermCap. Awesome as fermenters.....and actually they make fantastic E-HLT's. I have one with a 5500w element, and it...
  18. ScubaSteve

    Sanke mashtun insulator

    Yep, I just hot glued the reflectix to the yoga mat so it would stay together. I made a circular pattern for the top and sewed the pieces together from the inside out. That was the hardest part, since the thick material and yoga mat didn't want to cooperate....took some manhandling. But, what...
  19. ScubaSteve

    DIY Sabco Chill Wizard with pics

    Very nice....if you backflush well and recirc boiling wort before chilling, you may not need to do PBW every time. I had the very same chiller and it was always clean (I used a SS hop spider to filter hops). TIP: Make the chiller easily detachable.....they hold quite a bit of liquid and...