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  1. polecreek

    Barley Crusher

    When my BC quits feeding grain through I momentarily reverse the drill instead of emptying the hopper, this usually fixes it. I have a wobble in the shaft that can be felt when using a drill but it still works fine. Probably not the best piece of equipment I have bought, but does the job.
  2. polecreek

    yeast difference

    Why no starter with dry yeast? I understand the higher cell count than liquid yeast but what other reasons? I typically only make a starter on higher gravity beers say above 1.060 with dry yeast. I usually dont bother rehydrating and just pitch on lower gravity beer.
  3. polecreek

    yeast difference

    I grew up in Gunnison but have lived here for the last 20. Thanks for the heads up on the yeast. I have a blowoff tube on it right now and it is definetly fermenting.
  4. polecreek

    yeast difference

    I left my s-05 yeast starter to close to the wood stove and my yeast had heat stroke. My Imperial Stout with an o.g. of 1.098 could not wait for a new starter. I quickly kegged my Centennial Blond and poured the cake on the stout, The cake was Nottingham, I am wondering how much this will change...
  5. polecreek

    RIMs Question

    You might consider copper. I found a 2" piece about 18" long at a scrap yard. The fittings were the pricey part,but I think it would be cheaper than stainless and easier to work with. I have been using it for a year now with no problems and I have not grown a third arm yet.
  6. polecreek

    High O.G.

    My bad, I checked just know and got 1.093. This is 4 hours after pitching but its not active yet. Now I am disappointed I was shooting for 1.123 but I got 6 gal instead of 5. Guess I will have to settle for a little smaller beer. I think I must have gotten a strong sample as suggested as I...
  7. polecreek

    High O.G.

    I could be wrong which i am frequently, but the hydrometer read 1.38. I was reading it at about 80 degrees but that still would not make that big a difference. I have already pitched yeast but I might check with my refractometer just for kicks.
  8. polecreek

    High O.G.

    Well I decided to try an extract I usually only do A.G. I used 6lbs of dry amber dme 9lbs of light dme 1/2 lb of crystal 1/4 lb of carapils 1/4 lb of caramunich 2 oz of summitt 2 oz of centennial 2 oz of cascade I ended up with 6 gallons. Damn that reminds me I forgot the irish moss...
  9. polecreek

    High O.G.

    Just out of curiosity I am wondering what the highest o.g. beer members here have brewed. I just overshot my barley wine with a o.g. of 1.380. I am hopeing my s-o5 will work. I did make a starter but this still looks kind of high to me. So put my mind at ease and tell me you have made bigger beers.
  10. polecreek

    Brandy from wine

    I dont know if this is legal? I would like to make brandy from the many gallons of wine I have stacked up. I am running out of wine bottles and have 15 more gallons fermenting, I thought this would be an interesting solution. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  11. polecreek

    cherry extract

    I have brewed several batches of Bavarian Hefe and really like it. Thinking of adding a cherry extract to the next batch. Shoud I add this at bottling time or in the third week in the primary since I dont secondary? How much extract would be sufficient for 5 gallons?
  12. polecreek

    Chickens in back garden!

    Check out a site called backyardchickens.
  13. polecreek

    Help me catch a pike!

    If you are using artificial baits I would try some big flatfish. If you can use live bait hook up a sucker, or a salamander.
  14. polecreek

    What should we really call ourselves

    Muffdiver that likes too brew also.
  15. polecreek

    Problem with my march pump...

    +1 on losing your prime. Also possible hops restriction in line or disconnect especially with leaf hops.
  16. polecreek

    Do I have a problem?

    I hought I had a problem with 60 gallons kegged and bottled and another 30 gallons of wine. now I know I dont have a problem.
  17. polecreek

    Pulled fruit too soon

    I added 6lbs of strawberrys run through a blender. I hope this is enough.
  18. polecreek

    Pulled fruit too soon

    I take back the 18 hours, it was more like 30 hours.
  19. polecreek

    Pulled fruit too soon

    This has been fermenting for 4 days already, should I still try to add fruit or would this risk infection?
  20. polecreek

    Pulled fruit too soon

    I am making a srtawberry wine. I used 18lbs of strawberrys, 12 lbs of sugar and acid blend, pectic enzyme, 5 campden tabsyeast nutrient and Lavlin 1116 yeast. My question is I pulled the bag of fruit in the straining bag and discarded after 18 hours before pitching the yeast. I am reading...