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  1. TheCrackpot

    Sunday Morning Setlist

    Timmy I'm a big Lucero fan. I've been lucky enough to see them several times. They, as well as the Old 97's I discovered from the Son Volt Pandora chanel. I also like Hiss Golden Messenger. I recognize the Bottle Rockets but I'm not sure if I've heard them. I've never heard of Dave Alvin or...
  2. TheCrackpot

    Sunday Morning Setlist

    Day two of a double brew weekend (I accidentally bought ingredients for an 11gal batch instead of 5.5). My go to Pandora station for years has been Son Volt. It includes: James McMurtry Johnny Cash Credence Steve Earle Wilco...
  3. TheCrackpot

    Merry Christmas HBT!

    Thanks and a very merry Christmas to you and yours!
  4. TheCrackpot

    2 yr old White Labs WLP200 Vial in Fridge

    I'm not an expert but you might want to start a little smaller. 1.020-1.030. Then step up. Whatever is left, if anything, will be in a fragile state so I would think that you would want to wake it up gently. Like I said though, I'm no expert. That being said, I think it's worth a try. You...
  5. TheCrackpot

    Would you order liquid yeast if high temps are 95?

    It would depend on how far it's traveling and how long it will sit in your mailbox but I would avoid it at all costs. What specific type of yeast are you looking for?
  6. TheCrackpot


    Shouldn't there be an NSFW warning here? ;)
  7. TheCrackpot


    Lol. That pup looks repulsed by it. Good doggie!
  8. TheCrackpot


    Onkel_Udo, my wife and I have, for the last few years, discussed doing the same thing with older beagles. I'm glad to hear from someone actually doing it that the joys still do outweigh the pain of dealing with the loss more frequently and after relatively shorter amounts of time. That's the...
  9. TheCrackpot


    Thanks Inkleg and beernbourbon. We've had quite a few pints and shots in Boo's honor yesterday and today. He would use the console and back seat of my Jeep, just like Moogie, as a viewing perch while on the way to the Woods and back.
  10. TheCrackpot


    Thanks for the kind words everyone. It's horrible to see them go but the joys they bring us are priceless.
  11. TheCrackpot

    My wort is waaay darker than it should be...

    I used to add the last half of the extract with10-15min left in the boil just to make sure it's sterilized but stayed the proper color.
  12. TheCrackpot


    I hate be a bummer but my wife and I are mourning the loss of my little brew buddy, Boo. He passed away yesterday after our neighbors dog got into our back yard somehow and attacked him. Please make sure you give your little friends an extra hug today because you truly never know if it might...
  13. TheCrackpot

    Oast project: Heat or no heat?

    I agree. If you can keep the air moving around the hops constantly, you should be able to have them dry in a few days. Without the heat source, you eliminate the possibility of all sorts of unintended consequences.
  14. TheCrackpot

    From Grain to Glass

    What's up with the Grain to Glass website? I keep getting a server not found error. I've ordered Wyermann products from them in the past and I'm in the market for something to brew an Oktoberfest with. Hopefully they didn't go out of business.
  15. TheCrackpot

    Sunday Morning Setlist

    James McMurtry - Just Us Kids
  16. TheCrackpot

    CLEVELAND CAVS!!! Champions!!!

    Now it's the Tribe's turn!
  17. TheCrackpot

    Calling All Metal Fans

    Nice. Vocals remind me a bit of Reinkaos era Dissection. Rimfrost... I wonder what The Angry Black Metal Elitist would have called them... ;)
  18. TheCrackpot

    Calling All Metal Fans

  19. TheCrackpot

    Project Fi cell provider?

    How long have you been using it? I agree about the phones. One can only hope that they won't try to use this as vehicle to sell more Nexus phones and they'll open it up to more models. I'm not sure if the iPhone will ever become available on it though. I would be surprised if Apple didn't...
  20. TheCrackpot

    Project Fi cell provider?

    I'd been with Sprint for the past 11 years so I know what to expect as far as that goes. I've been paying for unlimited data for the past several years but have only averaged .25GB/mo since I got a new job a couple years ago and I don't use it to stream music at work anymore. I'm hoping that...