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  1. ArmOnFire

    DIY Quick Carb

    If you look at the motor on the pump it states 12VDC at 3.5Amps, found this on Amazon:
  2. ArmOnFire

    Jamil's Scottish Ale 80/-

    I brewed a smaller ABV version of it, liked the flavor; cherry sweetness and chocolate flavor. I found that it grows on you as you progress though the bottle, sessionable.
  3. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    Pumps must have a SSR wired to the outlet they will be plugged into, I built my panel with a HAND/OFF/AUTO switch for each as well. Hand position applies 5VDC to the SSR (need a regulated 5VDC power supply). Off - self explanatory Auto position - I have this tied to GPIO on the Pi. In Elsinore...
  4. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    I have recently been using the mash tun temp sensor to drive a pump to circulate through my HERMS coil, holds the temperature nicely. Also, the manual setting for the rolling boil is dialed in pretty good. Are there similar options with CBPi? I will probably give CBPi a try once I have a...
  5. ArmOnFire

    Cfraftbeer Pi vs Elsinore 2.0 for Hosehead?

    Anyone had success running CBPi on a SD card with SBE already installed? Any potential issues?
  6. ArmOnFire

    StrangeBrew Elsinore for Fermentation Control ONLY

    I use SB Elsinore for brewing control, two 240V elements, four probes on HLT, MT, BK, and chiller discharge. Based on what I see, you need to enter the setpoint desired, then enter values for the cycle time, P, I and D terms. Depending on the equipment that you are using, you may have to start...
  7. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    This requires no assembly: Few options to buy from, but this requires some assembly...
  8. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    Need the IP address followed by a slash and "controller" in the web browser
  9. ArmOnFire

    Another Automated Brewery Design

    Might want to look into a way to prime the pumps as well, did not see one on your liquid flow sketch.
  10. ArmOnFire

    Cam F Will Not Screw Into Ball Valve - Need Help

    ^What Bobby said. Could be a burr on the threads. Check the pitch: Try taking the cam F and overlapping the threads (place the threads of each male fitting into the other fittings threads: peak to valley) with another male fitting if you can, this will show if the peak to peak is out of...
  11. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    Thanks Doug, no worries. The base of the SBE process/system works, and it is just aesthetics.
  12. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    I ended up doing just that, brewed a batch with no issues on SBE.
  13. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    What is up with the "WARNING: Failed to find URI: /reorder probes" when I try to move the temp sensors and their controls for the web layout? I move them around to match my physical layout and on a refresh it puts them back in the original messed up order. Also get a "Cannot run program...
  14. ArmOnFire

    My Electric Setup

    Looks great!
  15. ArmOnFire

    10G Elsinore controlled E-HERMS

    Nice job!
  16. ArmOnFire

    New electric brewery control panel

    Nice! One question - Are you planning on adding heat sinks for the SSRs?
  17. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    I think its 8080...not 8088
  18. ArmOnFire

    NEW StrangeBrew Elsinore Thread

    With all the activity that this thread gets, does anyone else think it would make sense to create a seperate (free) forum just for SB Elsinore? Sections for hardware, software, photos, diagrams, etc. Sort of expand Doug's github site and the info that jangevaa has on his informative blog...
  19. ArmOnFire

    E brewery complete

    Looks great, nice and clean and well planned...
  20. ArmOnFire

    Build or buy Raspberry Pi brewery control

    I started my build for Pi/ Elsinore before hosehead came out. It looks like an economical option, as the parts for a "Kal" clone type control panel would be close to the same amount of $$$ to get comparable options and functionality. If you are thinking you want more functionality, then...