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  1. Challenger440

    5.2 stabilizer + Calcium chloride?

    Throw that stuff in the trash. A buffer only functions as a buffer at +\- 1.0 pH unit from its pka. Phosphate has pkas of 2.2, 7.2, and 12.1 Phosphate does not act as a buffer at pH 5.2. That stuff is garbage.
  2. Challenger440

    High FG

    Posting your full recipe may be beneficial information for us to help you out. Sometimes the recipe can dictate a high FG if it was heavy handed in unfermentables. Another strategy you could employ is to use say a pound of table sugar. The table sugar will thin there beer out a little, though...
  3. Challenger440


    The act of draining some off from the tap will create a vacuum in the bucket. That vacuum will pull air into the bucket through the airlock.
  4. Challenger440

    hello, first timer

    I'd also recommend to keep an eye on your lid. If you are seeing yeast in your airlock, you might need a blowoff tube. If you see the lid start to pucker up, get a blowoff tube on sooner than later.
  5. Challenger440

    Wort Chiller and temp probe

    Well... based on the size of your pot and the size of your chiller, it will either fit or not. But iIf there isn't room, I would recommend getting a false bottom that would sir above the probe to protect it and still be able to use the chiller
  6. Challenger440

    Can I try a bottled beer after four days?

    Because this is your first batch, I'd tell you to hold off until it has been in the bottle for three weeks. For subsequent batches, I'd say it is a great experience to drink a bottle or so a week while it carbs and matures. For your first batch though, it might be best to save yourself a lot...
  7. Challenger440

    Don't do a 30 min boil

    I've read that Denny's Favorite 50 yeast can take awhile to flocculate. You might be tasting the yeast. It is suspicious that you don't perceive the off flavor in the portion fermented with the kolsch yeast.
  8. Challenger440

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2017?

    384 gallons +5 gallons Scottish 80/- +5 gallons Blonde Ale =394 gallons
  9. Challenger440

    Don't do a 30 min boil

    Limbrizik, for the sake of discussion, could you share your grain bill for this beer? A lot of folks would say that DMS is not something you need to worry about with today's highly modified malts unless you are using Pilsner malt.
  10. Challenger440

    Simcoe vs Centennial hops

    Centennial can totally stand on its own if needed. Simcoe and Centennial do make an awesome pair, but as Steveruch just said, different but still good.
  11. Challenger440

    Second brew feeling creative (Stout Idea)

    If you want to keep your SG in the 1.070-1.072 ballpark, I'd bump up the total IBUs to 50-60 by adjusting your 60 minute addition. That way the finished beer won't come across as so sweet. For the Wheat vs Oats, thats really up to you. Like I said the wheat is atypical, but I think would...
  12. Challenger440

    Second brew feeling creative (Stout Idea)

    I'm a fan of East Kent Goldings for stouts and typically don't do any flavor editions with hops. Here is your recipe with a couple of tweaks. The color, OG, and predicted ABV changes are solely caused by running the recipe through Beersmith. And the IBUs before I changed them were 128...
  13. Challenger440

    Second brew feeling creative (Stout Idea)

    A couple more questions for you Taketwofl, do you plan on doing a full boil? That is where you start with say, 6 gallons of wort and boil down to your 5 gallon volume. Or do you plan on boiling 3-4 gallons and then topping off to 5 gallons? I ask because that will affect the hop utilization...
  14. Challenger440

    Second brew feeling creative (Stout Idea)

    Exactly what type of stout are you going for? Without rattling off the styles, your recipe conjures elements of several styles (of stout). The Crystal 120 as well as the OG sing of Imperial Stout. I personally wouldn't use cascade as any type of flavor addition. I think you should think...
  15. Challenger440

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    23773.5 +5 Oatmeal Stout = 23778.5 gallons
  16. Challenger440

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    22,354.5 +5 gal Simtennial IPA +5 Belgian Blonde +5 Raging Red =22,369.5
  17. Challenger440

    RIS in primary for 1 year ... Bad?

    As others said, try it first. There is a pretty good chance of autolysis at this point. It is slow to come on, but after 15 months it probably has. The only beer I've ever had autolysis problems with sat on the primary for just over a year. That said, if it is present, it will be obviously...
  18. Challenger440

    Went to take gravity reading from secondary, looking at Carboy it looks fine , sample

    You are seeing Beer's Law (how freaking appropriate!) in action. A=elc Absorption = molar absorptivity * path length * concentration Your carbon has a much longer path length for the light to go through which makes its light absorption higher, thus appears darker. As for the milky, as...
  19. Challenger440

    Thoughts on this kegerator? (EdgeStar)

    My brother in law sought out my advice in setting up a kegerator to serve out of 2 taps, 1 nitro stout tap and 1 regular tap. I ran across this kegerator which seems to get him pretty close out of the box.
  20. Challenger440

    all 3 grainfather beers cloudy?

    Try a different grain source. Even from the same manufacturer, occasionally an off lot will give you haze whereas any other lot has been fine. Switch up your base malt next brew, maybe try an English Mild with Marris Otter as the base