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  1. nolabrew85

    Mr. Malty

    I have used Mr. Malty’s yeast pitch calculator for years, and I have read Jamil’s and Chris White’s Yeast book, so I know their arguments for why to pitch so much Yeast, but does anyone think they are just wrong when brewing an ale on a homebrew level? It just seems crazy to me the amount they...
  2. nolabrew85

    High FG on Munich Dunkel w 100% munich malt

    Could a high FG of 1.017 be because of low diastatic power of Munich malt and a 154 mash temp? I expected FG to be 1.015 at the highest. Explanation of methods below, if needed. Thanks! I made my first Munich Dunkel recently with basically 100% Munich Malt (10 lbs Munich 5 and 2 lbs Munich 20)...
  3. nolabrew85

    How long with Brettanomyces really stick around

    So I have always heard that Brett is very stubborn and can infect your equipment forever. What I am wondering is how true this is. I added a small amount of brett to the end of a fermentation in my glass carboy about a year ago. After bottling, I cleaned my glass carboy and then did not use it...
  4. nolabrew85

    Split Mash RIS Procedure

    I heard Jamil talking about doing something like this without rinse of the grains in the other vessel. Supposedly it works. Let us know how it works for you. I plan to try it soon
  5. nolabrew85

    Magnum Hop Aroma

    I am interested with people's experience using Magnum as an aroma addition. I know it is almost exclusively used for efficient, clean bittering, but I have a bunch and I am thinking of ways to use it. Thanks!
  6. nolabrew85

    Wyeast 2007 v. 2206

    I have used and been satisfied with 2007 for making a german pils, but it looks like 2206 would also be appropriate for this style and also more versatile if I wanted to harvest and re-use the yeast for a big lager, like doppelbock. Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone has had experience with...
  7. nolabrew85

    Aeration stone cleaning

    So I didn't clean my aeration stone last time and it was filled with gunk. I boiled it for a few minutes and still has some left. See the picture below and let me know if you think I can save this thing and how. OR left me know where I can get one just like it with the threads and nipple (I...
  8. nolabrew85

    Lagering transfer to keg after 2 weeks?

    I plan to lager my beer in secondary for at least 4 weeks prior to carbonating and consumption. However, I am going to need the fermenter it will be lagering for something else in within only 2-3 weeks, so my question is will I be ok transfering it to the serving kegs at that time and letting it...
  9. nolabrew85

    Mash time

    Do y'all find that a longer mash time is needed when mashing at lower temps (e.g. 145-148) to get the same extraction? What length of time do y'all find works best? I'm doing a dry Pilsner. For a while I was doing 75 minute mashes and 90-100 books, but it just seems brew day keeps getting...
  10. nolabrew85

    Diluting to make more beer from smaller capacity

    I think the deoxygenated water would only be for diluting AFTER the fermentation.
  11. nolabrew85

    Diluting to make more beer from smaller capacity

    Thanks Doug293cz! I think I'm going to give it a shot! Isn't that part of the fun of the homebrewing!? I will probably need the 39 lb of grain, or just add a little sugar to the boil. That would be in character for saison but not wheat really. I might just have a little DME wort and boiled sugar...
  12. nolabrew85

    Diluting to make more beer from smaller capacity

    I'm basically trying to make 20 gallons of a 4.5 ABV beer in one batch on a system using 15.5 gal keggles. I think it may be doable because it is low ABV. I just worry about too much caramelization during the boil. Basically I am making sort a straightforward wheat beer and placing it into 2...
  13. nolabrew85

    Diluting to make more beer from smaller capacity

    I have been all grain brewing for 3 years now, and I brew on Brewmagic system with the capacity to make 10 gallon batches. I know some professionals and home brewers make more beer with less capacity by making a stronger beer and then diluting it. I would like to try this. If anyone has a good...
  14. nolabrew85

    Mixed up In/Out side of keg. Help!

    Thanks, man! I'm going to get that thing. 3.5 inch diameter seems like it could hold a good bit of pellet hops.
  15. nolabrew85

    Mixed up In/Out side of keg. Help!

    Guys, I kept the pressure valve open, removed the posts and diptubes and put them back where the belong after sanitizing them. The poppet was clogged with hop matter. It's working fine now. Thanks for all the help! I think in the future when I dry hop, maybe I should put the hops in a fine mesh...
  16. nolabrew85

    Mixed up In/Out side of keg. Help!

    It's definitely like the beer is hitting the atmosphere before it comes out the faucet or it is getting disrupted or something causing it foam prematurely. Thoughts?
  17. nolabrew85

    Mixed up In/Out side of keg. Help!

    I tried to take the post off after releasing the pressure, and beer started spewing out all over. That rout won't work until there is less beer in there. I don't think the dip tube is clogged because it is coming out but just slow and very foamy. I'm wondering if it's the poppet or somewhere...
  18. nolabrew85

    Mixed up In/Out side of keg. Help!

    It's an IPA and I notice a little hop matter in the glasses I poured. The dip tube could very well be clogged. I agree that considering everything I just have to roll up my sleeves and get in there. Thanks!
  19. nolabrew85

    Mixed up In/Out side of keg. Help!

    Double D, I don't think that will work because in my experience the gas won't screw on the beer side because they have a slightly different ID.
  20. nolabrew85

    Mixed up In/Out side of keg. Help!

    I just realized that I kegged my last beer with the gas dip tube on the "out" side and the beer dip tube on the "in" side (so opposite of where they should be), but I have the keg posts on the right sides. It's a ball lock corny. It's carbonated, so I was afraid to remove the posts and tubes...