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  1. summersolstice

    Starter Hunting Rifle

    While I prefer the 30-06 for all the reasons stated above, remember that we're talking about an 11-year old. I personally think that the recoil may prove too much for a beginning hunter, especially at that age. A .243 is plenty of gun for the purposes the OP described and won't turn off a young...
  2. summersolstice

    Wine Ingredient Kit

    I too would go with either a Wine Expert Vintner's Reserve or World Vineyard white - and, given your stated preference in style and age, maybe a Luna Bianca, Riesling, or a Liebfraumilch. Too bad you just missed the recent Northern Brewer 2 for 1 sale on these kits.
  3. summersolstice

    Rookie mistake

    I wonder about the wisdom of admitting such a mistake in an open forum but I deserve the criticism. I made a batch of light Belgian golden ale last night and everything went smoothly. I quickly cooled down the wort and pitched it on top of a yeast cake from a Tripel I had just racked to the...
  4. summersolstice

    Northernbrewer had to go and change their site :-/

    I needed something from their site today and had the same problem. This is what the customer service rep told me.
  5. summersolstice

    Clear beer!

    One of my first efforts. This is a very light bodied braggott.
  6. summersolstice

    Buy one, get one free wine kit at Northern Brewer!

    They had a good selection yesterday morning when I placed my order. I've seen this promotion placed on other wine making sites and my guess is that it's been so popular they've already sold enough to deplete their stocks.
  7. summersolstice

    Polish mead

    I've tried several of the Polish meads and have found them to be very well done.
  8. summersolstice

    Buy one, get one free wine kit at Northern Brewer!

    This is a great deal. I just ordered two kits.
  9. summersolstice

    What type fermenters are these?

    These are called Tuff-Tanks. EC Kraus sells them.
  10. summersolstice


    Kearney here
  11. summersolstice

    Yeast stuck to side of glass in JAOM

    I occasionally tap the side of the carboy with my finger over a period of a few weeks to allow the very fine yeast residue to sink and I never rack my JAOM.
  12. summersolstice

    Cranberry Pomegranate Wine Experiment

    As Tusch indicated, it will be very dry unless you stabilize and sweeten with more juice and/or sugar. I use fairly low gravity cran/pom juice to make dry sparkling wine in crown cap bottles.
  13. summersolstice

    Purpose of secondary for wine?

    Some would argue that there's not much difference in bulk and bottle aging but I think that a long (one year+) bulk aging helps bring the flavors together much better. There's also less temperature fluctuation in bulk batches compared to bottles. I have some mead that's been bulk aging for...
  14. summersolstice

    American Barleywine Friend of the Devil Barleywine

    This Barleywine is now 3 1/2 years old and I still have 8-10 bottles left. Last summer it took Best of Show at the local county fair among 80+ very good beers judged by BJCP judges. It's lasted as long as it has because I simply don't care for the style. I bring out a bottle every now and then...
  15. summersolstice

    American Barleywine Friend of the Devil Barleywine

    The containers came from a local Culligan drinking water vendor. They're designed to hold 5-gallon carboys and since they've moved to plastic they didn't need them any longer. I picked up four of them.
  16. summersolstice


    I've been ordering my green beans from Sweet Maria's for 8-9 years and, though they aren't the least expensive, I feel they have a great selection and certainly are very knowledgeable folks. I too use a hot air popper outdoors 7-8 months out of the year and a indoors under a range hood in the...
  17. summersolstice

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Easy Chimay Blue clone

    No, I don't. While I currently almost always do all-grain, this was one of my first beers and I haven't made it since.
  18. summersolstice

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Easy Chimay Blue clone

    I haven't looked at this thread in a couple of years and I'm surprised at the activity and the popularity of this recipe. Believe it or not, I still have some of this original recipe in bottles in my wine/mead/beer cellar in the basement. It's now nearly 4 years old and, on a whim, I entered it...