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  1. dbreienrk1

    Question regarding recirculating wort

    I stir whilst mashing, about once every 15 minutes. I do it to ensure I have a consistent temperature throughout the grain bed. Once I begin recirculating and sparging I do not stir...
  2. dbreienrk1

    How would I know if my yeast starter is bad?

    +1 definitely shake the jar every hour or so to keep as much yeast as possible in suspension...
  3. dbreienrk1

    Overactive Fermentation

    I might recant my earlier statement...did you use a yeast starter? And what was your final volume prior to pitching and about how much headspace was there? How much did you aerate and how? I've had plenty of instances where a blowoff tube was needed, but I've never seen anything this bad before...
  4. dbreienrk1

    Recipe Suggestions

    Reads like beer to me...
  5. dbreienrk1

    Any suggestions appreciated

    Try building one on your own. Nothing beasts experimenting...
  6. dbreienrk1

    New brewer, new equipment, go...

    Is there a question in here?
  7. dbreienrk1

    How would I know if my yeast starter is bad?

    Well, is there a big layer of yeast in the bottom of the flask? More details on your process would help out some...
  8. dbreienrk1

    Overactive Fermentation

    Blow off tubes don't absorb the pressure, they just redirect the excess gas. If there is more gas/kraussen coming through the hose than it can handle it will be released elsewhere. Basically, it's the path of least resistance... EDIT: In the future get a bigger blowoff tube or a larger...
  9. dbreienrk1

    Overactive Fermentation

    It's not over active it's healthy fermentation. Your little yeasties are tearing through the sugars. This is a good thing. Just maintain sanitization and you will be fine. If you are really concerned look for some threads on here about "open fermentation." Lots of people don't use lids and it...
  10. dbreienrk1

    What's this sound like to you?

    Sounds like beer to me...
  11. dbreienrk1

    Moldy bottles

    Not worth the risk in my opinion. I'd get some new bottles.
  12. dbreienrk1

    Replacing REALLY old gauges on a regulator...

    "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." - Archimedes You just need more leverage...
  13. dbreienrk1

    can i filter already carbed beer from keg to keg

    Is the keg chilled? Most of the yeast should settle at the bottom of the keg in a day or two. The first glass should get most of it out. And how we're you planning on filtering yeast out? I didn't think diatomaceous earth had reached the homebrew market yet...
  14. dbreienrk1

    Does whirlfloc affect spices?

    I don't think it would have much of an affect on the spices. I'm not a chemist, but I know whirlfloc coagulates with positively charged proteins (break material). As long as the spices you are using aren't "proteins" then I think you'd be fine.
  15. dbreienrk1

    ordering recipe help

    Caramel 80L - Munich (many options) - Carapils -
  16. dbreienrk1

    Brewing Log

    By looking at the individual components on websites. I would advise against an electronic means to log your brew days. Several months ago my laptop had an irrecoverable failure and I lost over 2 years worth of brew data. I'm still bitter and angry about it. Pen and paper works just fine...
  17. dbreienrk1

    collecting caps!

    Luckily I have dental insurance... :mug:
  18. dbreienrk1

    Recipe help

    Lose the carapils and you have an oatmeal stout... Edit: leave the carapils and you have an oatmeal stout too...
  19. dbreienrk1

    May have already messed up.

    Not with steeping grains. You are correct that it was way too hot, but you'll be fine. Temperature control is one of the most important aspects we brewers need to harness. It comes with practice.
  20. dbreienrk1

    Great summer bear ideas?