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  1. jjadamsfb

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Count me in
  2. jjadamsfb

    Keg not holding co2 second use

    So I am new to kegging. I am loving the ease of pouring my own beers, and being able to take a keg with me to parties. My problem is when I am trying to use a keg for the second time it is not holding pressure. I have been using soapy water but not able to find the leak. This has happened to...
  3. jjadamsfb

    Fold Away Single Tier Brew Stand

    Sub'd. Awesome build.
  4. jjadamsfb

    Swap-O-Rama #3, ANTI LOCAL!

    FedEx delivers Saturday to residential. But usually does not do Monday if I remember right.
  5. jjadamsfb

    Swap-O-Rama #3, ANTI LOCAL!

    That's too bad since I have HT in my cellar right now, plus I already trade alot. I guess I will try to pay attention for next time.
  6. jjadamsfb

    Swap-O-Rama #3, ANTI LOCAL!

    I would like to get in on this
  7. jjadamsfb

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    +5 gallons Kate the Great clone Russian Imperial Stout = 33,489
  8. jjadamsfb

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    +11 Cream Ale 32,414 gallons
  9. jjadamsfb

    Double batch of cream ale - that to with second half?

    So the person who was supposed to brew with me today can't. I already have all the ingredients and the crushed grain. I was wonder if there is anything I can add after chilling the wort to the second batch that will be a nice saddle difference? I was thinking orange peal or lemon peel when pitching.
  10. jjadamsfb

    Crazy water saving idea?

    That is awesome, do you take the 55gal drum outside to get it cooler during the winter.
  11. jjadamsfb

    Crazy water saving idea?

    This was mostly a thought experiment. We definitely don't have to worry about water consumption like those in the southwest. I just wonder with people running cooling devices for 10 plus minutes for each brew session, plus for commercial breweries, water and sewer costs have to factor in their...
  12. jjadamsfb

    Crazy water saving idea?

    Everyone, I have been having a crazy idea recently when thinking about the future. I know one of the biggest places water is wasted is when cooling down the wort to pitching temperature. I have been thinking if I had a cold room I could store a 100 to 200 gallon tank in that room and let it...
  13. jjadamsfb

    Fermentation Chamber for the less than Handy

    My comment was actually a compliment, in the vein of the Ugly Junk Corona thread. Some good innovation happens when you don't worry about what it looks like.
  14. jjadamsfb

    List of things that can kill a brewday

    What model thermometer do you have? I fubared both of mine I think recently.
  15. jjadamsfb

    Heady Topper Misadventure

    They can on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This week because of the bottle release @ HF they ran out on 6/28 @ 14:18 per their twitter. Normally they don't have the 3 case limit that I am aware of, only because of the bottle release. I talked to people who had just gotten like 6+ cases on...
  16. jjadamsfb

    Does anyone use google anymore??

    Ha Ha LOL - that is exactly what this whole thread is about. But the answer would be : Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Homebrew.
  17. jjadamsfb

    If you were opening a brewery in your area...

    It feels like in Vermont that we might be getting saturated. I think for a state of a population of 650k we have around 22ish breweries and more brands distributed in this state than Texas. No joke. You would have to be awesome to brew here.