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  1. annasdadhockey

    State College, PA

    I will be moving to the State College/Boalsburg/Lemont area shortly and would be interested in joining a club. I am the President of my local club where I live now, and can probably offer some advice to help move the State College club from fledgling to a bona fide club. Let me know how I can...
  2. annasdadhockey

    Nice article on the 2013 Homebrewer of the Year from the NHC

    Just goes to show you how far home brewing has come in the past 10-20 years.
  3. annasdadhockey

    Opening store to sell various beer inspired wood items

    I'm close by and would stop by to see what you are making.
  4. annasdadhockey

    Cheers to my uncle Hank, may he rest in peace.

    Been awhile since I responded in this thread. Since my uncle's untimely passing, my son Jacob was born. I gave him a second middle name, Hank, as a tribute to my uncle. I'm sitting here on the balcony of his condo in Ocean City, MD, reflecting on all if the good times we had. The hardest part of...
  5. annasdadhockey

    Scranton/Wilkes Barre home brewers?

    Sorry, been awhile since I've been on here. 7:00 PM is the meeting. I'd say its about 20 minutes from the airport. Maybe 25. PM me if interested, as the PM's go to my phone. That way I'll get the message quicker. I just mapquested it. Through town...6.9 miles, 20 minutes.
  6. annasdadhockey

    Scranton/Wilkes Barre home brewers?

    BobbiLynn, we have a meeting the night of August 5th. Not sure when you're leaving town, but we would love to have you there. Let me know.
  7. annasdadhockey

    Scranton/Wilkes Barre home brewers?

    I am the President of the Wyoming Valley Homebrewers Club. We have a meeting tomorrow as mentioned above. You are more than welcome to attend. PM me if interested. It's ALWAYS a good time. -Ed
  8. annasdadhockey

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    Sorry, haven't kept up. 10 gallons OCPA 5 gallons Heady Topper Clone 10 gallons Heady Topper Clone 40 gallons DFH 60 min clone 23,321+65=23,386 gallons
  9. annasdadhockey

    New NEPA homebrew club

    I am the President of the Wyoming Valley Homebrewers Club, your neighbors to the north. In fact, I will be at Pete's tomorrow to brew with my big system. if you are there, please introduce yourself and we can talk more about starting your club then.
  10. annasdadhockey

    IPA Pickles?!?

    I haven't found that to be at all necessary, but it's interesting.
  11. annasdadhockey

    IPA Pickles?!?

    Did you cut the ends off?
  12. annasdadhockey

    Howdy from Shenandoah, TX

    Welcome to the Forum, HbQ. You'll find the answers to all your questions right here. Cheers
  13. annasdadhockey

    At the hospital

    Congratulations Mobeers!!! My son was born November 1, and I did not brew for about three months after that. You eventually will get back into the routine once you figure out how to include being a parent into it. It'll all work out. Congrats again and Cheers!
  14. annasdadhockey

    IPA Pickles?!?

    Made 3 jars tonight with Full Pint Brewery Chinookie IPA (Pittsburgh, PA). Also made a jar with hard boiled eggs instead of pickles(ran out of cukes, but already measured out my spices and garlic into the jar...didn't want to waste it). Boiled up a sliced onion in the beer/vinegar/salt...
  15. annasdadhockey

    The insult game

    She is uglier than a bag of smashed ********.
  16. annasdadhockey

    Pennsylvania 20+ gallon complete system

    $2154 is the price new, which he totalled at the bottom. He then took $1500 off that price. I'm sure some of that 1500 came off the panel.
  17. annasdadhockey

    Caption this photo!

    "You too can immortalize your friend here at Big Bob's Taxidermy for the low low price of just $89.95...That's right , just $89.95"