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  1. kappclark

    15 gallon pot - Concord vs Bayou Classic

    Just ordered the Concord 60 qt (missed the 10% off sale, but $99 is still a great price)
  2. kappclark

    15 gallon pot - Concord vs Bayou Classic

    Just found this sale price - $130 which includes the basket and free shipping !
  3. kappclark

    Philly area Homebrewers

    You are listed as from Burlington ... what is the name of the brewing group ip there ?? (Its too far for me to drive)
  4. kappclark

    good brush for 2L flask

    I am looking for a good brush for my 2L flask - any suggestions ?
  5. kappclark

    High Gravity BIAB Electric Brewing System

    Pleaase let us know how you like the ststem when you get it up and running
  6. kappclark

    Cheap GFCI protection

    ghetto rig in basement when poor conditions outside are 2 1000W immersion bucket heaters, which I use to heat sparge water, then mash in basement wit 2 coolers....still not enough realistic power for a boil, so I goto the porch... Thinking I may as well go electric biab (I need a new kettle...
  7. kappclark

    Stop drinking these beers

    Has anyone seen this warning about what beers NOT to drink ? Not worried since I consider most of these to be radioactive anyway !
  8. kappclark

    Florida Growler fight

    What's up in Florida where they make it difficult to sell growlers ?? Any FL brewers care to comment ?? Is this simply about money ??
  9. kappclark

    Philly Bottle Shops Thrive

    Interesting article about Philadelphia Bottle Shops Wish we had them up here in VT
  10. kappclark

    Listing of Top Craft Breweries 2013

    This list is pretty interstting -- tells me how many beers I still have to sample !
  11. kappclark

    Are Plastic Carboys A Problem??

    I use the 2.5 and 6 gal Better bottles ... I don't think they make a 2.5 gal
  12. kappclark

    How Many Watts for a Electric Water heater?

    You will need more wattage to even think about a boil.. I do 5G batches.. I use 2 1000W bucket heaters to heat sparge water for mash...but the boil happens outside on the porch with way it will happen @ 2000W Eventually, when I figure out the venting, I will get the boil to...
  13. kappclark

    Windows Azure

    Is anyone using this in a production environment ? I have just signed up with the site for 1 month trial...incredible how fast a new VM can be deployed ...
  14. kappclark

    December 2013 New England Grain Buy

    Thanks to everyone for making this happen, and especially to kaz4121 for slogging my 3 bags up to Fitchburg, saving me 3 hours of additional driving... everything worked out .. I am now confident I will be able to brew enough beer for my daughter's wedding in Sep !
  15. kappclark

    December 2013 New England Grain Buy

    Crazy howling up here in Windham .. still digging out .. doesn't surprise me a bit about delivery ..
  16. kappclark

    propane shortage

    Is this for a 20# tank refill or exchange ?
  17. kappclark

    propane shortage

    Has anyone felt the pinch of the propane shortage ?? We were lucky to have locked in before heating season .. yest I had a tank refilled and asked the guy about the shortage and he confirmed -- his supplier has limited him to 60% of his big supply tank ... I paid $36 to refill a 40# tank ...
  18. kappclark

    December 2013 New England Grain Buy

    Super - Thank you for all your work on this
  19. kappclark

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I feel your pain with the empty kegs -- I let my pipeline dry up just before christmas ! Getting back on traCK, thankfully, and made my first of the year entry into the new Brewers logbook (thank you James) I am wondering what style of beer this recipe makes ... something I cobbled together...
  20. kappclark

    December 2013 New England Grain Buy

    Sorry for being such a geographical idiot -- Princeton MA is not in NH !