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  1. kornkob

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Belgian Tripel - Extract Recipe Kit
  2. kornkob

    Craigslist stuff safe to use?

    Third option: they stole it and have no real idea how much it is worth/wanted to get it moved pronto.
  3. kornkob

    Feel silly asking - when kicking a keg do you clean immediately?

    I'm in this camp. And usually my dirty keg isn't in the kegerator. Also I bought a tool that has changed cleaning for me: And you can buy pads that have arms long enough for a carboy...
  4. kornkob

    Carboy batch size/headspace

    I know there are folks that get really concerned about the headspace but I've found that in primary its not really that big a problem. Oxy is needed early on and as soon as the yeasts start making CO2, they'll make their own blanket and push the O2 out. If you're really concerned and you...
  5. kornkob

    Beer Clings: Keg wrap--- anyone got one?

    I clicked an ad on the sidebar and fell in love with the idea of these keg wraps. Anyone got one? I can't seem to find a review anywhere.
  6. kornkob

    Re-bottling an already bottle primed beer

    If I were going to do something like this I'd also fill the carboy with CO2 before racking off the bottles. The CO2 will displace the oxygen.
  7. kornkob

    other stuff on tap?

    My wife loves me having bubble water on tap. Bonus points-- she makes me mojitos. I've kegged a mixed drink for a party in the past and that's awesome. I've also kegged mead and cider. Here's a link to a chart I've used...
  8. kornkob

    For those who live in/near Madison WI looking for gas...

    Is notable that Madison Recharging can't always fill on demand. I've had several times over the years when their guy wasn't available for charges so I had to leave the tank. (No trouble though... I have 3)
  9. kornkob

    Just tasted my first two kegged beers - baaad... what the heck happened??

    Forgive me if this has been addressed already. The quote above makes me think about the difference here. When I sample the tester, I often don't get much of the smell, since I'm drinking out of a tall narrow vessel. Is it possible that this off taste is being caused by a smell? Have you...
  10. kornkob

    Made 3 batches of mead this morning.

    wyeast 4184? Lower left corner of the 2nd yeast fridge at my LBS. :)
  11. kornkob

    Made 3 batches of mead this morning.

    Same with each. I've gotten good results from this strain before.
  12. kornkob

    Made 3 batches of mead this morning.

    Meh... Primary fermentation requires oxygen anyway. I'm not concerned, it's worked in the past. Besides, there a comparable amount of head space in the buckets... You just can't see it. :)
  13. kornkob

    canned pureed fruit for mead?

    Wyeast 4184 works with fruit additives pretty well.
  14. kornkob

    Made 3 batches of mead this morning.

    Made 3 batches of Mead this morning and took this picture. I noticed afterwards the HBT decal in the pic. The carboy is straight Mead, made with honey the a friend of mine harvested. One of the buckets is a gallon of Costco honey and a gallon of sweet cherry purée. The other is Costco honey...
  15. kornkob

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    I will hang that on the wall if I win.
  16. kornkob

    Getting a taste for liquor?

    If mixing helps you drink it, have at it. I've heard people swear that coffee must be black, hot dogs can't have anything but mustard and relish, steak should never have anything but pepper added.. blah blah blah. Fact is there are lots of ways to mix booze and while one is really wasting...
  17. kornkob

    Serving a Beer Snob

    In which case, the operator is the ********* . While you can't make every customer happy, deciding that everyone who leaves because they want more service than you are able to provide is an ********* is evidence of a backwards attitude. A customer who wants to drink or smoke or watch...
  18. kornkob

    Job Interview Monday

    And cue the union pointing out that yoru 40 hour work week is their fault in 5...4....3....2....
  19. kornkob

    Windows 7

    Meh--- I still like XP better. Some of the stuff that 7 does with buttons and icons annoys me.