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  1. Brettomomyces

    Local homebrew shops

    We've been open all year, no outbreaks and remained open by serving other essential businesses. Went from roughly 5-10 online orders in a month to several hundred, did mostly no contact pickups for awhile but now we're a mix of both. Started a bad youtube channel to try and fill the gap...
  2. Brettomomyces

    Bottling nitro stout for a comp.

    I'm sure you can pull this off, might take a couple of rounds of bleeding pressure out of the keg before switching to conventional CO2, but the nitrogen should be the first gas to purge (proportionately).
  3. Brettomomyces

    Genesis Fermenters

    Brewcraft dumped these onto the wholesaler market a little while ago, they struggled for years to make headways. Yes
  4. Brettomomyces

    PBW Concentration for CIP?

    1oz per gallon is my go to, I use a scale
  5. Brettomomyces

    Best Way to Prepare Scuppernongs

    I would soak them in a metabisulfite solution (campden tabs, 1/gal) for 10-15 mins. Then dry, freeze them, thaw and add to primary/2ndary like other fruit.
  6. Brettomomyces

    Did my first triple decoction mash yesterday

    I've started using a Digiboil kettle for my decoctions and really like it. A T500 boiler works well too but you need to bypass the thermo switch in the base to get them to boil. I've walked away and let it boil for 20-25 minutes and absolutely no scorching, but I decoct slightly thinner.
  7. Brettomomyces

    Kviek Octoberfest

    At some point I'd like to see if I could get a kveik style beer into a keg after 24 hrs with big enough pitch and warm temps. The biggest time crunch would be chilling from ferm temps to serving.
  8. Brettomomyces

    Viking malts

    I got to tour a Colorado State experimental field last year...9 row barley growing right next to a plot of hemp being stress tested for THC levels :)
  9. Brettomomyces

    Viking malts

    Maris Otter is a specific cultivar of barley, like Romas and Beefsteak are both individual cultivars of Tomatoes. 2-row describes the way the kernels grow along the axis of the barley stalk and there are many different cultivars in 6, 2 and even 9 row barley
  10. Brettomomyces

    Silafine: Anyone try it?

    It's pretty much identical, I've used it a few times now and it works really well. Much less expensive. Silicon Dioxide. I personally love the fact they sell it in the Bettix style bottle, makes it really easy to measure for kegs.
  11. Brettomomyces

    Yeast Starter - How much is too much?

    Whatever you can come up with will not be overkill. Lagers like it big. In an ideal situation I would aim for a 4L starter for a 5 gallon lager over 14 plato
  12. Brettomomyces

    Marzen tips

    I would start with a Festbier base and then use CaraMunich and maybe a small splash of Melanoidin to achieve the color, body and taste you are going for. 5.5# Pils 3# Munich 2# Vienna 1# CaraMunich III 0.25# Melanoidin 0.5 Magnum at 60 1oz Mittelfruh at 20 mins L17 Harvest or WLP833 if you...
  13. Brettomomyces

    Fermenter bubbling slowed after several days. Picking back up now several days after that. Infection?

    Actually, hops contain their own natural enzymes and can actually cause further fermentation when dry hopping. It's referred to as 'hop creep'
  14. Brettomomyces

    Breweries to visit?

    I'm a fan of the tongue table TBH
  15. Brettomomyces

    Digiboil on extension cord

    Yea, definitely get a bigger gauge cord. I can run my T500 (1500W) at full and foundry at 75% on one 120v/20a circuit using a christmas tree cord that my boss had lying around. Haven't had any issues in around 15 batches.
  16. Brettomomyces

    Hard Seltzer Carbonation Challenges

    If you're dispensing it so fast that it goes flat by the sheer force of pouring into your glass you could lose a lot of dissolved co2. It should only take a few days to carb at that PSI. Maybe try dropping the PSI to 15-20 and see how it pours then and if you have carbonation still.
  17. Brettomomyces

    Milling Grain in a Komo Fidibus 21

    Those actually look pretty good for a flour mill, I would comfortably use 3-4 on my non biab setup.
  18. Brettomomyces

    Italian Pilsner Discussion

    Has anyone brewed with the Eraclea pilsner from Weyermann before? This terroir malt is produced from premium Eraclea barley grown near the Adriatic Sea northeast of Venice. It has a noticeable malty-sweet aroma with notes of honey. Eraclea Pilsner Malt creates excellent medium-bodied...