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  1. Gitmoe

    Pennsylvania Brew stand w/ Blichmann Burners near Philly

    Just standard pressure treated decking wood from Lowes or Home Depot. Nothing special. Never had an issue with the wood heating up. Think the hottest surface temperature I ever recorded with my IR thermometer was like 90*.
  2. Gitmoe

    Pennsylvania Brew stand w/ Blichmann Burners near Philly

    The whole thing... maybe I'm not understanding your question.
  3. Gitmoe

    Pennsylvania Brew stand w/ Blichmann Burners near Philly

    Just look up how to build a deck. I built it using the same concepts. 4x4 posts, 2x6 around the top, 2x4 around the bottom. 4" lag bolts hold it all together. It's also on castors so it rolls around my garage nicely. The spacers to elevate the burners are just 2x4 blocks ripped to size...
  4. Gitmoe

    Pennsylvania Brew stand w/ Blichmann Burners near Philly

    $100 Price Drop to $325... would really like this out of my way.
  5. Gitmoe

    Pennsylvania WTB: Jockey Box

    If you're still looking for a cold plate I'm near Philly and have a single pass plate I just found in my parts box I forgot I had. I probably have the shank and faucet you'd need as well.
  6. Gitmoe

    Pennsylvania Brew stand w/ Blichmann Burners near Philly

    Moving to a much smaller house and don't have room to take the big toys with me. This stand was awesome and served me well for about 2 years. The stand comes with 3 Blichmann Burners. You should be familiar with the Blichmann name. These burners will last forever. The burners are hooked up to a...
  7. Gitmoe

    Adding sugar question

    If you're really looking to understand the finer points of cidermaking here's a tip. Test the YAN pre-fermentation. That's the Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen. More easily stated as "free nitrogen" which yeast will need to complete fermentation. I found through a lot of cidermaking that if a...
  8. Gitmoe

    pH and TA out of whack?

    You need to bring that pH down. I've made some ciders with pH 4.2 and they've been fine just adjusting the So2 addition accordingly but 5 would have me concerned. With a pH that high you're kind of asking for infection issues. The cider will be very unstable.
  9. Gitmoe

    First time cider make - will my cider turn to vinegar?!?

    That could definitely be an issue. MLF can take months to complete and should never be done in bottles. I don't think MLF will create enough pressure to explode a bottle but that's definitely a guess. You should've done MLF in a carboy and after MLF was complete add sulfites and bottle. It...
  10. Gitmoe

    Sour Ciders?

    Those Golden Russet and Idared were from Fruit Valley Orchards up in the Finger Lakes.
  11. Gitmoe

    Sour Ciders?

    I ferment all my ciders dry. I own a hard cider company and I'm the head cidermaker as well. I do some freelance design work for another local winery that makes cider too. They just had a Golden Russet / Idared blend ferment naturally to almost 10%.
  12. Gitmoe

    Sour Ciders?

    Its not hard really. Throw some grain into a bucket of juice for 24-48 hours until it's soured appropriately to your taste. Heat the batch over 140 for 10 minutes ( don't boil ). Let cool and pitch. It's the same as doing a sour mash for a Berliner. Not a huge secret. You could just add a...
  13. Gitmoe

    SG list of commercial ciders

    Kurant Cider - Tropic (pineapple infused dry cider) - 1.001 Kurant Cider - Earth (mosaic dry hopped dry cider) - 1.008 Kurant Cider - Nacho (fresno pepper infused cider with honey) - 1.015 I'll post more as we put them out. Not that most of you will be able to get this cider unless...
  14. Gitmoe

    Dry-hopped cider on saison yeast

    Hops have a diminishing return when "dry hopping" in a cider. 2 weeks is basically the terminal point where you'll just start adding grassy notes instead of hop character. I don't advise dry hopping longer than 2 weeks.
  15. Gitmoe

    SG list of commercial ciders

    Now that I'm in production with my own commercial cider company should I post the gravity for our ciders?
  16. Gitmoe

    My opportunity to starting a small brewery - Advice?

    Not a brewery but I started a craft hard cider company late last year. Next month will be 1 year since I initially started really working on the project. We're scheduled to start production next month. 1 to 1.5 years is a good timeline to consider for getting your first batches in fermentors...
  17. Gitmoe

    Philly area Homebrewers

    If you knew how to weld stainless I'd have some work for you. A lot of work actually...
  18. Gitmoe

    cider aging question

    WLP775 has a pretty fast turnaround. I often recommend it to people for short ciders. (I work at a homebrew store and own a commercial hard cider company)
  19. Gitmoe

    cider aging question

    Those ciders are made entirely from fermented concentrate then back sweetened beyond recognition and finished off with "natural flavors". A process that can be duplicated at home but why would you? One of the most important things when trying to make "short" cider is to ensure a fast and...
  20. Gitmoe

    Pennsylvania Single Tier System

    Not looking to part it out currently. I'll keep everybody in mind if I change my mind.