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  1. gruntingfrog

    What are you drinking now?

    NICE. :mug:
  2. gruntingfrog

    Bottling in 1-gallon jugs

    What kind of jugs are you referring to? OK, get the jokes over with. :D
  3. gruntingfrog

    Too young to brew??

    When I was a teenager, the one thing that I wanted more than anything was to be treated like an adult. It's part of the coming of age process. In most European countries, since alcohol consumption is not considered "an adult thing" and kids begin drinking moderate amounts of alcohol by 13 -...
  4. gruntingfrog

    heard a story once about oak chips and whisky...

    The amount of whisky that makes it into your fermenter won't be enough to hurt the yeast. You won't be dumping all of the whisky in, just the cubes you've soaked in it.
  5. gruntingfrog

    Heading to Austin, TX: where's the good beer?

    Brewpub Uncle Billy's Brew & Que 1530 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704 Beer Bar The Dog & Duck Pub 406 West 17th Street Austin, Texas 78701 At the Corner of Guadalupe & 17th Street
  6. gruntingfrog

    In need of a crowd pleaser

    All of these suggestions are good, but remember the brewpub motto, "the amber ale will always sell." :mug:
  7. gruntingfrog

    How to step up a starter?

    Not exactly. Remember that not all the yeast will flocculate and depending on the strain there could be quite a bit still in suspension. In this case, you are pouring off all the yeast in suspension so you'll wind up with less than you would if doing a full 2000ml starter. I halfway agree...
  8. gruntingfrog

    Never Ending Word Thread

    One cup. _________
  9. gruntingfrog

    Does anyone have a Budweiser clone???

    Beerthoven, I will not quit mocking Budweiser. It's really difficult to make a hamburger that tastes like McDonald's, but that doesn't mean that it's better than the one I make on my grill. Additionally, since when did this forum become a spot where you can't have a little fun. Quickly...
  10. gruntingfrog

    Must be drunk or high

    William Shatner is KING!!!!!
  11. gruntingfrog

    Glass Cooktops

    I have a glass stove and did 3 gallon boils when I first started out. I was also using a 5 gallon pot and never had an issue. Granted, I only did 4 batches indoors before going all-grain on a propane burner outside, so this is probably not a valid sample size to determine the safety of brewing...
  12. gruntingfrog

    Oatmeal Stout: Yeast?

    White Labs - WLP002 English Ale I've used it in every Oatmeal Stout I've made (including the one I'm fermenting now).
  13. gruntingfrog

    Does anyone have a Budweiser clone???

    1. Drink a Pilsner Urquell. 2. Urinate in a bottle. 3. Hand it to your friends. :D
  14. gruntingfrog

    Apfelwein mixes well with...?

    MORE APFELWEIN :rockin:
  15. gruntingfrog

    Most overrated high priced beers

    I think it's important to realize that we wouldn't consider $10 per six-pack or $8 for a 750ml expensive for beer if it weren't compared to BMC for $4. That's like saying that a single handcrafted chocolate truffle at a local chocolatier isn't worth $1.50 because I can get a whole Hershey's bar...
  16. gruntingfrog

    Naming Beers you reproduce

    YooperBrew is right. If you use someone you know's recipe it's only respectful to give them credit. This is the same as when you say you made "my Grandmother's oatmeal cookies." If it's just some generic recipe from a magazine or book, though, call it what you want. That's half the fun.
  17. gruntingfrog

    Dark fruit flavor......

    Make sure you use an ale yeast that generates a good deal of fruity esters like WLP023 Burton Ale. This combined with the roasted character from your special malts should produce the dark fruitiness you desire.
  18. gruntingfrog

    Naming Beers you reproduce

    Legally, recipes can not be copyrighted. They are counted as technical instructions. What you produce with these instructions is yours. It's the combination of recipe and technique that produce a beer. Your brewing process is the technique, so name it and get over the anxiety. P.S...
  19. gruntingfrog

    What About the BYO Batch Sparge Article?

    Thanks, Kaiser. I missed that thread. Great read.
  20. gruntingfrog

    What About the BYO Batch Sparge Article?

    I think the point of the article was just to show the pros and cons of each method. It does point out that you can make great beer with either method, but some people want to control every aspect to miniscule levels. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I batch sparge (although I'm planning...