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  1. apologeticus

    Looking for Stainless Tri-Bottom Kettles? See Inside for Best Prices on the Web...

    I don't follow your logic on BIAB. Please explain.
  2. apologeticus

    Sam Adams Revolutionary Rye Ale Clone

    anyone tried this recipe? how is it?
  3. apologeticus

    Cost vs. Labor - Before I do anything!

    you'll probably start drinking more and gain weight once you start homebrewing. take that into account.
  4. apologeticus

    Freecycle Score!

    wow, I need to pay more attention to freecycle!
  5. apologeticus

    All grain to Extract conversion?

    here's a nice chart that I've used:
  6. apologeticus

    Any Good LHBS Around Atlanta?

    HA! thanks I'll miss shopping at Alternative Beverage ( here in Charlotte. Good service, wide selection, pretty good prices. and only 15 minutes from my house. *sigh*
  7. apologeticus

    Any Good LHBS Around Atlanta?

    glad I found this thread. I'm moving to Jefferson in 2 weeks.
  8. apologeticus

    Easy Partial Mash Brewing (with pics)

    that's one thing I appreciate about Northern Brewer. They actually post the ingredient list.
  9. apologeticus

    Easy Partial Mash Brewing (with pics)

    Just tried this for the first time today with Orfy's hobgoblin clone. I enjoyed the process. Biggest difficulty was maintaining my mash temp for 90 minutes in my dinky, thin-walled, "economy" pot. It just doesn't retain heat well. Can't wait to taste this one in 6 weeks or so!
  10. apologeticus

    All of my beer tastes like black licorice

    oh I'm not sure. I think either gets the job done. My dishwasher only has "heated dry," no sanitize setting but heated dry gets the job down well for me.
  11. apologeticus

    All of my beer tastes like black licorice

    did you use your dishwasher's "heated dry" or "sanitize" setting?
  12. apologeticus

    Sanitizing bottles

    so how should you sanitize oxygen absorbing caps then? I just bought some and am planning to use them later today
  13. apologeticus

    Sanitizing bottles

    does your dishwasher have a "heated dry" or "sanitize" setting? If so, just use that. It's the easiest way to go.
  14. apologeticus

    To soon to keg Caribou Slobber?

    Let us know how this turns out. I'm looking for a brown ale to become a "house beer."
  15. apologeticus

    OH NO!! Do you think I've let it sit on the cake too long??

    Seriously? Man up and do it. Even if it is disgusting, just chase it with something else. Would you really rather just dump it w/out even checking it?
  16. apologeticus

    Careful with the Capper!

    I did that the first time I bottled too.
  17. apologeticus

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    that's a big part of the debate about them, but we should probably keep that debate out of this already massive thread. search "home depot bucket" and you'll find plenty of info, pro and con.
  18. apologeticus

    how would i make something similar to becks

    can't help with the recipe but I can with the spelling. switch to Firefox as your browser. It has built-in spell check. plus it's better than IE in almost every way imaginable.
  19. apologeticus

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I don't know yet how it will turn out. Won't know for some time. As far as using Lowe's (or the more common Home Depot "Homer") buckets for fermenting, you'll find it's a debated topic. I don't want to get into it here. search "home depot bucket" or "homer bucket" and you'll find more than...