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  1. OLB

    Cobra/Picnic tap users

    Thank you sir, you are a friend to cheap, lazy bastards everywhere.
  2. OLB

    17,000th Post...

    Congrats man, enjoy your freedom.
  3. OLB

    Dark Lord Day 2010

    I was getting fed up with it too, but it's all gone away now that I finally have 2 tickets.
  4. OLB

    Fermenter cleaning

    I've always used oxyclean free for this. I have one fermenter that I forgot to empty out, and has had oxyxlean in it for almost two months now. Any chance it will ruin the bucket?
  5. OLB

    Never Ending Word Thread

  6. OLB

    Never Ending Word Thread

  7. OLB

    Random goodness

    No, you should buy a pair of lottery tickets:mug:
  8. OLB

    Two hearted ale kit from AHS.

    There is a thread in the recipe section for a Two Hearted clone. IIRC the OP has tried several yeasts and talks about his result with each. You might find what you are looking for there.
  9. OLB

    Baby shower beer...

    They sell Heineken in 7oz bottles in my area. You might want to give that a try. I have never bottled in Heineken bottles, so I don't know if they work ok with a wing capper.
  10. OLB

    what is your occupation

    Good luck. I worked for NT until 11 years ago, much of it was in implementation and systems engineering. I work for Motorola now, but have occasionally continued to work with those same Wireless GSM switches in our iDEN networks.
  11. OLB

    what is your occupation

    I'm a paper pusher. The fancy name is project management, but it's just scheduling meetings and harassing people.
  12. OLB

    Three Word Thread

    make mine double
  13. OLB

    Two Brothers Brewery

    If you like IPAs, their Hop Juice and Heavy Handed are pretty good, but they are both seasonal. Hop Juice is an IIPA and is only released once a year. It seems to go fast. They also have a Heavier Handed IIPA, but I have yet to try it. Some of their beers are just average, but most are pretty...
  14. OLB

    Hello Chicago

    Welcome, from Elmwood Park.
  15. OLB

    What are you drinking now?

    Alpha Klaus by Three Floyds - excellent porter
  16. OLB

    Lets Discuss Hopslam

    It's even better from a beer engine. One of the local bars gets a few kegs a year and manages to get one cask conditioned. I was there a couple of nights ago and had it on draft again - tasty as usual.
  17. OLB

    Best DeNiro Movie?

    Taxi Driver over Godfather 2. Godfather 2 is a better movie, but his performance in Taxi Driver was his best job.
  18. OLB

    Never Ending Word Thread

    skid row .........
  19. OLB

    First batch (high esters) worth keeping?

    One of my first batches was also a nut brown ale that didn't turn out very well. In my case, the problem was likely old extract from the LHBS. I also fermented a little too cold. Anyway, the off flavors were bad enough that after the first bottle I didn't touch one for 8 months. After that time...
  20. OLB

    Never Ending Word Thread