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  1. shamrockdoc

    What are YOU reading?

    Eaters of the Dead
  2. shamrockdoc

    Any higher quality hydrometers?

    +1000 refractometer
  3. shamrockdoc

    I'm Drunk!

    Its the cops!
  4. shamrockdoc

    Imperial Black IPA

    live your life with guidelines you will never see the true path. Grasshopper
  5. shamrockdoc

    Imperial Black IPA

    Cascadian Dark Ale look it up.
  6. shamrockdoc

    Adding to Primary

    Sanitize all utensils going into bucket no need to worry about hop and/or adjunct additions the Alcohol will kill the germ ninjas. Add additions after aggressive fermentation is over in like 3-5 days And always remember the monks fermented in open buckets. Germs and infections are not...
  7. shamrockdoc

    It's official, I'm having heart surgery on Feb, it's real now.

    GO with the stronger drugs. Great to hear good news about cha Revvy!
  8. shamrockdoc

    Beer in wine bottles with corks?

    Its not so much the corks you would worry about its the bottles themselves. Wine bottles are not rated for the kind of pressure you get with beer or champagne. You could have bottle bombs on your hands.
  9. shamrockdoc

    Hello from Tacoma, WA!!!

    Welcome finally Tacoma is reppin' Yeah I think they check this site because I complain about them quite a bit. They are like the High Fidelity of LHBS. Now they're doing good on customer service but there prices are still too high. When are we all going to get a club together and smash people in...
  10. shamrockdoc

    Sierra Nevada Glissades

    Meh and the name is ......Ghey!
  11. shamrockdoc

    Do these look like they are worth $70 ea?

    Yeah that is fair. Wow 70 bucks that seem like alot for used cornies!
  12. shamrockdoc

    Using marijuana...

    in before mods close this down
  13. shamrockdoc

    Very cool

    Well you're from PDX so that makes you rad and now that you're fuzzy off of sockwein you are now the hero.
  14. shamrockdoc

    Don Younger R.I.P.

    Rest in Peace Mr. Younger. Portland will miss you and all that you have done for the craft beer scene.
  15. shamrockdoc

    Anatomy of an HBT thread about a beer show on TV

    I want to make a beer that tastes like grapefruit. I heard Simcoe hops taste like grapefruit.
  16. shamrockdoc

    Simpson Golden Naked Oats?

    I just replaced it with honey malt and melodonin malt.