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  1. OdinsBrew

    Belgian Golden Strong Ale Pink Elephant (Delirium Tremens clone)

    I'm about to rack to secondary and lager, but my gravity won't drop below 1.011. I checked it on day 8 and it was about 1.012 - 11. I put it on top of the dryer (aka stir plate) and let her go. Today is about day 11 and I kinda want to get it in the fridge asap. Is 1.011 too high? I can't...
  2. OdinsBrew

    Belgian Golden Strong Ale Pink Elephant (Delirium Tremens clone)

    Thanks for posting the recipe. I'm about to do the five gallon. Did you use fresh ginger or dry powder?
  3. OdinsBrew

    Best Movie Ever Made

    the Blues Brothers
  4. OdinsBrew

    Dump it or age it? Perfumed beer?

    wow, this old thread reappeared! Funny to see this again. So to recap... that "apple, vanilla, stout" was the first time I brewed, ever. The inspiration, questioned a few replies back, was to create flavor profile that was like having a stout with a piece of apple pie with vanilla ice...
  5. OdinsBrew

    FG 1.001. How much priming sugar?

    I'll try to do post notes after I taste my first batch, and brew my second. Good luck with the move. My mother-in-law has a farm in Iowa. I probably won't bother because of the gear needed, but often think of brewing one there in August, and pitching in sour yeasts and let it sit for a year...
  6. OdinsBrew

    FG 1.001. How much priming sugar?

    Excellent answer! Thanks. I'll proceed as usual with 4oz priming sugar. And I can't wait to enjoy some farmhouse ale... well actually, I'm already tweaking the recipe even before tasting this first attempt, and can't wait to enjoy the second batch too. Skol!
  7. OdinsBrew

    FG 1.001. How much priming sugar?

    I've got a saison, using Wyeast French Saison yeast. The FG is 1.001. Should I adjust anything at bottling? More or less priming sugar, or additional malt?
  8. OdinsBrew

    Bottling yeast = bottle bombs?

    here's the main question: I've heard of add yeast at bottling. Pitching a packet of dry notthinghams. Why does this not create bottle bombs? My story: I've got a 9.3%abv brew made with WL belgian yeast. This stuff takes forever to carbonate in bottle. If I pitch in some nottinghams dry yeast...
  9. OdinsBrew

    flanders recipe needed

    Right on. Thanks for the reply. Maybe I'll start up a new thread if there isn't one about blending and bottling. Skol!
  10. OdinsBrew

    flanders recipe needed

    Hoping to resurrect an old thread with my questions about flanders red sours. Did you blend your batches? Can you give me some details on what you did and how it turned out? Did you blend a "brand new", just fermented, not soured batch, with a 9 month old soured? What %s? Anybody have...
  11. OdinsBrew

    IPA aging. Contradictory Information?

    I've done some testing on the age vs. freshness issue. I have an American IPA "Asgard Ale", and my double IPA "Thor's Hop Hammer". I see that you have a Pliny Clone going so that's a lot of help on the seeing where you're coming from, assuming you've had real and fresh pliny. Nationally...
  12. OdinsBrew

    Re-using yeast cake, going from big beer to small ok?

    I've poured wort onto a yeast cake once or twice before and it's worked fine. What I heard was, to re-use yeast, ferment the smaller beer first, then pour the bigger beer onto the cake. Any problem pouring a wort that will be about 6.5% onto a yeast cake for an 8% beer?
  13. OdinsBrew-LightningField


    Odin's Brew - Lightning Field belgian specialty ale 12.2% a dangerous ride
  14. OdinsBrew

    Beers are too sweet. Ideas? Yeasts?

    OH man! I've looked for software before, that's 1. free 2. works on a Mac. This looks awesome! A whole new level for me, coming up. Thanks for the link! :mug: Brewing software is a must though...if you dont have one you can use the free online Beer Calculus . homebrew recipe calculator...
  15. OdinsBrew

    Beers are too sweet. Ideas? Yeasts?

    This is all awesome information. I may have mis-led the conversation a bit though by not articulating my grain bill. THe last batch of the big beer and my pale ale i upped the bittering hops, thinking that's probably the issue. Thanks for the tips thus far. I haven't gotten into brewing...
  16. OdinsBrew

    Beers are too sweet. Ideas? Yeasts?

    I prefer beers on the less sweet side. Palate wise, I'm a west coast hop-head. My 'big beer' ends up too sweet. It's about 7lbs light DME, and around 3lbs grains, crystal 10s - 40s. And I use White labs Cali Pale Ale yeast. Even if I hit 1.090 OG the yeast usually takes it down to 1.020 -...
  17. OdinsBrew

    canned beer near Little Rock?

    I'm going on a 3 day canoe trip down the Buffalo National River. I'm pretty sure there's a no glass rule on the river and need to send requests to my buddy there who will be doing the beer shopping. Any suggestions on good beer, dare I say, in cans, around there? I'm near 21st Amendment...
  18. asgard-growler2


  19. OdinsBrew

    Never Ending Word Thread

    hole ............
  20. OdinsBrew

    Looking for San Francisco recommendations

    I forgot. If you want a steak dinner $$$, go to Izzy's. Izzy's Steaks and Chops - Home Tommy's Joint is definitely an experience worth having. ...Hell. Come to my place... My big beer just carbonated. 10.4%! I'm so proud... and will soon be drunk. Also in East Bay, Pacific Coast Brewery...