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  1. Reno Homebrewer

    Quick Brew Question

    You should follow the recipe. Perle Hops generally have a much higher alpha acid content than Saaz. The Saaz Hops are there for aroma and flavor, while the Perle are pretty much just bittering Hops.
  2. Reno Homebrewer

    The 'End of the world' predictions

    I can't spend alot of time replying to this, I'm waiting for the end of the world!
  3. Reno Homebrewer

    ***help Please### Yeast!!!

    Pitch it in. Tomorrow, go get some good dry yeast for just such an emergency.
  4. Reno Homebrewer

    secondary in my primary?

    Many Homebrewers don't rack to a secondary. They leave it in the primary the whole time, and those that live by this method swear by it.
  5. Reno Homebrewer

    Ingredients On BeerSmith Issues

    I don't own the program, so I'm not sure if this helps, but does it have Caramel Malt? Crystal Malt and Caramel Malt are one-in-the-same.
  6. Reno Homebrewer

    !!!!!!!! Wow !!!!!

    +1 on the patience! The first batch is always the hardest to wait for. Except maybe the next batch, or is it the one after that?
  7. Reno Homebrewer

    Can I use a used growler with twist off cap to bottle some brew?

    One of my fellow employees is also a Homebrewer, but he kegs. So I could try his beer, he put it in a Growler from a local Brewery (Buckbean ftw!). Anyway, I had it in my fridge for a couple of days, and it had already lost some of it's carbonation. My guess is that you will lose most if not all...
  8. Reno Homebrewer

    Comparing and contrasting wort volumes

    The two main issues with boil volumes are Hops utilization and caramalization of the Wort. Your best bet is to follow the instructions, as the amount of Hops should be based on the boil volume indicated. To cool your Wort more quickly, pick up a Wort Chiller.
  9. Reno Homebrewer

    Muslin Grain Bags

    The long answer is, yes.
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  14. Reno Homebrewer

    Hard to keep temps. during Fermentation.

    Higher temps will cause off-flavors. To use your ice bath effectively, try putting a t-shirt over your carboy, and let a fan blow onto it. Basically, you are making a swamp cooler, and it should work wonders for you.
  15. Reno Homebrewer

    Basic Brewer's Pantry?

    As far as ingredients go, since you are just starting out, I would limit what I keep on hand. Some things you may consider are: 1. Some Light DME, maybe 3 or so pounds. 2. Some dry yeast packets, in case your yeast doesn't do it's job. 3. Corn Sugar. Most recipes call for 5 oz., so I...
  16. Reno Homebrewer

    New guy from Zanesville, OH

    Welcome to the forums! :)
  17. Reno Homebrewer

    times for primary? secondary? and diactyl rest?

    I've only done two lagers, but both times I left it in the primary for 14 days, pulled it out for 24 hours, then racked it to my secondary for the lagering phase. They both turned out pretty well, imo. :)
  18. Reno Homebrewer

    times for primary? secondary? and diactyl rest?

    A Diacetyl rest is accomplished by pulling the fermenter out of your fridge and letting it sit at room temps for 24 hours. It is done because a lager is not supposed to have a diacetyl taste at all to it. As far as leaving the beer in the primary and secondary, lagers are normally left in...