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  1. smokey

    What I did for beer today

    Cleaned 2 spent kegs, kegged a 2 hearted clone, drank some HB breakfast stout!
  2. smokey

    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    Count me in too!
  3. smokey

    Anyone arround Valdosta need bottles?

    As the title says.... I have collected bottles for a long time and finally realized, with 6 kegs, why do I need 500 bottles? So before I take them to be recycled I wanted to offer them to anyone that needs some. They are all 12oz, rinsed and some have the labels removed. Just pm me if you want...
  4. smokey

    What did Santa bring you?

    So far I have gotten 2 pin lock kegs, a refractometer, and a $50 northern brewer gift certificate. I bought myself a banjo burner and 3 valve co2 distro block for the beer fridge :-)
  5. smokey

    Pin Lock Threaded Connectors

    Oops, my bad! You did reply. Payment sent.
  6. smokey

    Pin Lock Threaded Connectors

    I sent you a pm earlier today about buying these. Please let me know if they are still availible. Thanks!
  7. smokey

    What are you drinking now?

    the last glass of my raspberry wheat experiment.
  8. smokey

    what are some beers/recipes that are ready to drink quickly????

    Back in my Mr.Beer days I made this recipe: Screw the 2-2-2 Whit, fermenter to glass in 2 weeks. granted it's a 2.25 gal extract recipe, but you can double it for close to 5 gal. I have to say it was pretty good stuff! (compliments of Jkarp at the mrbeerfans website): Screw The 2-2-2 Wit...
  9. smokey

    How to label faucets when you have 8 beers on tap?

    How about the chalk board or dry erase style handles, just alternate long and short ones. long for the first tap, short for the second and so on (providing the length difference allows the short one's "board" to be below the long one). That way you can write the beer style/name on the tap and...
  10. smokey

    Want a homebrew club in Valdosta, Ga

    PM sent, count me in. :mug:
  11. smokey

    Malted apfelwein?

    I can't help with the all grain version, but there is a recipie on the Mr. Beer site they call Graff, it's a lightly hopped malted cider. I am sure you could convert the extract part to all grain with software. Here is the recipie: Graff 4 oz crystal 120 .5 oz Torrified Wheat 2 gallons...
  12. smokey

    What breweries have you toured/visited

    While I was stationed in England, I went on a tour of Arkell's brewery, they offer 2 tours, the long tour and the beer drinker's tour. I opted for the beer drinker's. You fill up a pint glass, take the tour and go back to the "tap room" for a full buffet and all the beer you can drink. It was...
  13. smokey

    Starter Rookie...

    Just don't do what I did, I poured the stir bar in the fermenter and thought, ehh, I'll get it out when I keg this batch. Well I forgot about it, kegged the batch and cleaned the fermenter in the kitchen sink, I remembered the stir bar about the time my son turned on the garbage disposal. It...
  14. smokey

    What are you drinking now?

    Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, very good stuff! Sent from my T-Mobile myTouch 3G using Home Brew Talk
  15. smokey

    Craigslist free

    The only thing I find in my local free craigslist is dogs, cats and trees..... I still look in the hopes I may some day find something worth bragging about......
  16. smokey

    What are you drinking now?

    I just finished a glass of this, I agree it is strong, but it has great flavor!
  17. smokey

    What are you drinking now?

    21st Amendment's Back in Black BIPA, which is just awesome (killed 2 cans), and just finished a glass of Stone's Smoked Porter.. also delicious.