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  1. Pedro-

    PLEASE let the Northern Brewer buy-out be a hoax!

    Big brewers are taking over. This ONE TRICK will save your HB Supply Shop! <----- didn't expect to be a clickbait fool from HBT. :confused:
  2. Pedro-

    Working on a seal (not for kiddies)

    Ok here's another one since the first isn't the best to put on a street sign :)
  3. Pedro-

    Working on a seal (not for kiddies)

    waddya think :D
  4. Pedro-

    My Latest Project - Walk-in Cooler

    from what i read yeah with some fans. might help control the cycle times a little better. for 300 i don't know :eek:
  5. Pedro-

    Remember the Yooper War!

    hehe :p ----------------
  6. Pedro-

    Remember the Yooper War!

    over the years i've wondered why this never happened. if a big city ever develops up there im convinced it will happen. hah
  7. Pedro-

    Remember the Yooper War!

    It's Michigan land with Wisconsin citizens :cross:
  8. Pedro-

    Remember the Yooper War!

    Ive mentioned this for years and I've only found one history professor to acknowledge it. I usually get a weird look, and utter disbelief. Same thing happened when mentioning the Toledo War (territory fight for the Toledo strip). Happy to see that one mentioned in there too. This brings...
  9. Pedro-


    If you do shell out for a kit i'd love to hear about it. Say you do decide to ferment one, can you document the details of the kit and let us know how it turns out?! I'm curious on how they make eiswine kits. I wouldn't think they would follow the traditional grape on the vine procedure for...
  10. Pedro-

    Hoping to take the beer to that "next step"

    I am listing these sequential to what I think is importance in your situation. 1. If you don't already monitor temperature, buy a thermometer and keep your fermenting beer at proper temps during fermentation. This includes keeping the temps as stable as possible as well as nailing the right...
  11. Pedro-

    dark color every time...

    I would say do it as much as possible. But this doesn't need to be a very tricky process either. Very high gravity boils cause a number of things to occur. One major thing is maillard reactions, which is actually what causes the darker colors (true caramelization occurs at much higher temps)...
  12. Pedro-

    Tap Handles with Customizable Labels

    awesome! once im not broke anymore :p i'll likely get a few of these
  13. Pedro-

    Fermentation temperature better high or low

    Definitely low. Why did you say 60 or 75? Are you going to place it in a basement or something alike? If the ambient is 60 and the fermenter is in a closet or basement, the yeast will bring the beer up a couple degrees on it's own without a problem. What yeast are you using. I use 1056 @...
  14. Pedro-

    Too late to pitch another yeast ?

    Here's a few things to start with: What temperature is the fermenter sitting at? What was your starting gravity? I'm assuming this is an extract, what was your recipe? How much yeast did you initially pitch, and how? Which yeast was it? How long has the beer been fermenting? Shaking and...
  15. Pedro-

    dark color every time...

    The reason there is no hot break is because the wort has already gone through this process before it even gets to you. Your extract (dry or liquid) is simply wort that has already gone through a boil and then concentrated. What you have in the bucket or bag is the same that all-grain brewers...
  16. Pedro-

    Do kegs have to be cylindrical ?

    This is my lhbs. I have 3 kegs from them and over 1-1/2 years have only had to replace one poppit. Honestly it didn't have any problems but the gasket on the poppit looked so beat up i decided to do it anyhow. They rinse and pressure test all the kegs when they get them. And yes, when they...
  17. Pedro-

    I'm Through Brewing Sober

    it's 5 o'clock somewhere
  18. Pedro-


    1 fo sho that sucks. great label though.
  19. Pedro-

    Peanut Butter Porter W/Powdered Peanut Butter

    *bump* How did the peanut butter cup porter turn out? How was the cocoa flavor? How well did the two blend?
  20. Pedro-

    Blonde in the Garage

    something i recently noticed... you can see the back door of my neighbors sunroom through that glass of beer. holy crapola. that's the first time i've ever had a beer that clear! /end personal gloat