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  1. 65C

    First Brew Advice(no fermentation)

    The biggest things I learned from brewing over what I read about brewing before I started is that: 1. beer/yeast etc. seem a lot more tolerant of things than I expected - like use-by dates on yeast packets or re-using yeast cakes (one yeast cake I've used a dozen or more times without any...
  2. 65C

    12 months in primary

    They're glass demis - I think one of the 3 airlocks might have gone a little dry but not completely (maybe enough to let some air in - but that one batch seems to bubble a few times a day even after 12 months so possible no oxygen got in) They have been wrapped in towels at room temp - they all...
  3. 65C

    12 months in primary

    Thanks just found a couple of other threads - looks like half or so sache of champagne yeast in the bottling bucket might be way to go Maybe I'll try that with one batch first and leave the others until I know I've not got exploding bottles
  4. 65C

    12 months in primary

    I've got 3 x 20L primaries with 8%+ heavy dark porters - I've been super lazy about bottling They look just fine, but I've not touched them yet Are they going to be okay to condition if I bottle them after so long? (I thought they'd only been there a few months, but after looking at my notes...
  5. 65C

    Golden Ale Recipe. Where'd I go wrong??

    you could try using Maris Otter as the main grain - it has that sweeter malty flavour - especially when I mash 68Cish ironically I spend a lot of time trying to minimise the sweet/malty so I dilute the MO down with something more inert
  6. 65C

    Blow off Tube?

    bizarrely my big beers haven't blown off before - but some IPAs have - I always use a tube now - no matter what I'm brewing - even them I've had a tube block and a fridge redecorated before after a week I move warmer and put an airlock on
  7. 65C

    2 row

    using up pils is easy - you can put it in any MO recipe - I use 40% pils / 50% MO quite often I like the odd full pils but find it hard to use a full bag up - also I find MO on it's own too strong a flavour - so it works out well (also makes the beer clearer) I have read people say boil pils...
  8. 65C

    Stupid question of the day

    I cool wort to 80C and dump the flavour hops in then for an hour so - give a good stir I read a lot of different approaches on it and temps - but this seems to work for me - although I'm not a hop freak as much as I was - so don't dryhop - but I do chuck 100 or 200g in at the end still
  9. 65C

    Cost of bulk liquid yeast?

    @Dcpcooks - I did think just after I posted it - that it was hypocrisy - I think nothing of buying in stuff at work I could do myself - knowing the margin that's being binned in the process
  10. 65C

    Spontaneous Fermentation - Now What?

    brilliant thread the one on the right looks promising you might need to get some airlocks on or they'll pop I don't measure ABV etc. but I do tend to start with known bacteria - I love the thinking on this and might start taking some 1 gallon second runnings for some experimental innoculations
  11. 65C

    Will you miss the bottle?

    high carbonated hoppy brews seem to work in a can - but I'll take a bottle every time - cans have a taste I can't describe - and bottles I can re-use so feel less guilty about drinking someone else's (expensive) beer
  12. 65C

    NEIPA’s - Seattle

    surely you can buy canned NEIPA in any major city now? the problem I have (usually when buying a couple of cans for a train journey home) is finding a decent local non-NEIPA/non-black-IPA/non-ultrahopped-IPA beer in a can I'm not buying a city like Seattle doesn't have entire stores full of...
  13. 65C

    Hop schedule advice?

    with those hops you really can't go wrong I'd use 1oz Chinook for bittering and Cascade/Amarillo at flameout/80C - then dry hop with remaining Cascade/Amarillo - you could use 4oz or 16oz - either way you'll have good beer with an IPA grain bill I used to love Citra and it got me in to brewing...
  14. 65C

    Cost of bulk liquid yeast?

    why would you not just build a big starter at that price? - it's only time not materials the idea of paying 10X more for 10X more yeast just seems absolutely bonkers to me
  15. 65C

    SMaSH IPA or single hop

    this is a road I've walked a bit MO is the big local grain - I drive behind trucks full of MO taking the kids to school ... so feel compelled to use it when I started brewing I liked the idea of smash (and I've had some great ones in pubs) however MO, for me, has a sweet/malty taste which I...
  16. 65C

    High OG

    I've not brewed an extract brewed - is there bittering hops already in the extract? If it was all grain - I'd have put 1oz or two in at 60 on the boil with that kind of wort
  17. 65C

    Need help with carbonation

    if you like massive hoppy ales - I think time can work against you if you want to keep it very flowery (think, don't know as don't brew them much) for the beers I brew - mostly darks at a high % and quite a lot of hops but you don't taste them much - they just get better and better over time I...
  18. 65C

    Should I be Concerned?

    I give mine a little rock if they look like they've stopped a bit early looks like a good temp - that's the main thing at that stage
  19. 65C

    Danstar west coast/bry 97

    I've got a porter in a fermenter with it - I was short a yeast and found an old packet - it fermented fine (at a coldish temp too) - but not tasted it yet
  20. 65C

    Quick fermentation?

    looks great - but my advice is to not rush - let it sit for a week or two at least before doing anything with it what hops did you use at 60,45 etc. - that sounds like quite a lot of it's high alpha acid also I wouldn't have thought that amount of Maris would add much - was that in a recipe...