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  1. bmick

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    In. Want. All of it.
  2. bmick

    adding whole coffee beans at finishing hopping stage

    I had an imperial stout w/ coffee get dinged hard in judging for green pepper flavor (I actually can't pick it up, but I'm guessing it's from the coffee). It was fully carbed in the keg and bottled; Will this dissipate in the bottles over time?
  3. bmick

    Bulk Aging Temperatures

    I brewed a huge Imperial Stout, 11.5% ABV, about two months ago. I gave it a month in the primary, and then racked over to a keg. I have it in the kegerator, around 40, and I'm wondering if this will slow the maturing of the beer. I can't seem to find much on the effect temperature has on bulk...
  4. bmick

    My Garage conversion to brewery

    Do your best to keep everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, out of your chiller/pump setup. A few nylon bags for your hops/spices will save you worlds of hurt. Trust me.
  5. bmick

    3 FLoyds Zombie Dust attempt. Help/info requested

    First time having this beer tonight, as it's not available in NY (out of town in the Midwest on business, was lucky enough to snag a 6-er). The only thing I can say is that there is definitely some Amarillo in this beer. The nose, and even the taste, remind me a little of Dogfish 60 minute. I've...
  6. bmick

    Help. Losing my C02 somehow

    Dish soap and water will provide you with a little more bubblage to fully cover the connections/parts to look for growing bubbles. Also, previous poster is correct, any noise at all is bad. Regulators should only make noise when you're making an adjustment or pushing gas (dispensing a beer).
  7. bmick

    Hopbursting, Hop stand, and bitterness

    Hops isomerize at temps above 170, but this is very tricky to calculate. I think Mitch Steele's IPA book has some info on it, but you can definitely get significant bittering from hop stands/hop backs if your whirlpool is held above 170 for a long period. A lot of brewers, however, prefer this...
  8. bmick

    Oktoberfest Ale yeast choice?

    If you want to do an ALE version of an Oktoberfest (which I do, for time purposes), you can use US-04. I used Wyeast 1968 this year (the Fuller's strain), and it worked very well. It doesn't attenuate very highly, so you'll get that residual sweetness you're looking for if you mash around 154.
  9. bmick

    Plate Chiller In Ice Water?

    A better solution is to buy a submersible pump (like $15, Harbor Freight or Amazon) and use to to run ice water through the plate chiller once your tap water has taken the wort down to the mid-high 70s. This will get you down to pitching temps in no time. Also helps if you have especially high...
  10. bmick

    Belgian Dark Strong: 84F fermentation temp. What does this mean?!

    Belgians are all about the ester profile of the yeast, so with mine i typically pitch at 68 and just let it ride up to 75 for the first 18 hours, then let it free ride as high as it likes. Don't be afraid to let that yeast express itself.
  11. bmick

    Today's lesson learned while brewing.

    Clogs are a big one. EVERYTHING either needs to go in a bag or in some strainer. Especially if you have a pump system. Trust me.
  12. bmick

    Pitch Brett into sealed keg?

    Hi All, Looking to do my first brew with Brett. I want to do a Belgian golden strong that I'd ferment all the way out with trappist high gravity first, then pitch brett brux. In the interest of keeping brett contained, and also for transport purposes (I'll be moving soon), can I rack to a keg...
  13. bmick

    Trade Homebrew Pictures!

    Where does one arrange these trades?
  14. bmick

    Your highest score to not even place

    That's what I've been thinking. The beer I entered, while I know it's good, had not yet properly conditioned/carbed, and still got a 40. I'm guessing that the scores at this comp were pretty high across the board.
  15. bmick

    Your highest score to not even place

    I had entered a competition recently that had the online entry system (so scores are available quicker, which I love). I checked after judging and got a 40 on a Belgian Dark Strong, which I was thrilled about, only to find it didn't even place in the category. So HBT, what was the highest...
  16. bmick

    The apartment brewery

    If we are not men of our word, we are not men at all. Here are some of the pics with more process, as promised. You can see a few more shots of the mash set up, then the heatstick that helps out the stove to get to a boil (from a thread here on HBT), the kettle, and then the chilling setup. The...
  17. bmick

    Brewer's East End Revival Results

    Anyone get these? NY comp that was about 3 weeks ago, was hoping to get scoresheets.
  18. bmick

    3 FLoyds Zombie Dust attempt. Help/info requested

    Just a process note for you here; if you come in at a lower than expected mash temp, try adding in some hotter (170F) water to bring it up. A longer mash won't help you with the fermentability of your wort, it may just help a little with your extraction.
  19. bmick

    The apartment brewery

    Just saw this one. Actually I fill the HERMS cooler with my hot water from the tap (which is VERY hot to start), and then put the probe into the water and turn the system on. This way it'll heat the water in the HERMS cooler to the mash temp, so when I move the probe to the mash tun after...
  20. bmick

    Critique our crush with our new monster mill!

    I see a few husks in there that are a *little* more intact than they should be, try taking it down to .40.