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  1. DrunkTrucker

    Please suggest a good vodka

    Introduce them to stuff from the U.S. or something. Let them try some tequilla or a Tennessee whiskey. If I was visiting another country I would want to drink what the locals drank.
  2. DrunkTrucker

    HELP!!! My thermometer broke!!!!

    If it was just the part with the pellets I wouldn't worry about it. They will settle to the bottom. I broke one when i first started and freaked out and tossed it. The next time I went ahead and fermented it. Turned out to be a pretty good beer. I was still pissed about breaking my thermometer...
  3. DrunkTrucker

    question on grain

    Hell brew it up man. You might like what you come up with. Then we can call it BPs haus ale.
  4. DrunkTrucker

    What not to say on a first date!

    Hey, wanna come here and look at this before I flush it?
  5. DrunkTrucker

    Hysterical moments in film (post yours)

    I think I'm gonna have to watch some full metal jacket.
  6. DrunkTrucker

    What's your favorite bumper sticker?

    I knew a guy that had a beater of a car and on the back bumper it said......Don't laugh your daughter might be in here. I always got a kick out that one.
  7. DrunkTrucker

    Naked City Taphouse Grand Opening!!!

    Congrats man! If I ever get to Seattle I am definately gonna stop by and get trashed. Wish you the best of luck.
  8. DrunkTrucker

    S-04 Yeast first time

    I used the 04 last weekend and it took off on me. I was surprised it had totally fermented in 2 days. Never had that happen before. Could be old yeast.
  9. DrunkTrucker

    Irish Stout Ó Flannagáin Standard

    It felt good to brew again. I haven't been able to brew for awhile. I think this beer will turn out good. I mashed at 156 and ended up with an o.g. of 1.047. I used nottingham in one carboy and safale-04 in the other. I can't wait to try this beer.
  10. DrunkTrucker

    Six Month Return to brewing

    I know how you feel. I am gonna be brewing for the first time in about six months this weekend. I haven't had any time since getting married and buying a house. I am really stoked to brew again.
  11. DrunkTrucker

    Irish Stout Ó Flannagáin Standard

    Sounds like this is killer stout to make. I'm gonna try a 10 gallon batch this weekend. I have been craving a good homebrew stout. I haven't brewed in about six months so I am looking forward to it this weekend.
  12. DrunkTrucker

    10 gallon batches - what are you guys using to ferment in

    Baron what kind of styrofoam is that and where do u get it? Now that I have a house that isn't so hot I would like to make something like that.
  13. DrunkTrucker

    So is it weird that my girlfriend...

    I've got the answer. Pause and toss. You look for movies that are totally normal everyday movies but have killer sex scenes in them. It is not quite watching porn but you get the job done. This radio station here in Phoenix came up with the idea a while back cause a guy called up the same...
  14. DrunkTrucker

    What are you drinking now?

    Earlier I was downing about a 12 pack of Samuel Adams Octoberfest. I ran out of that and switched to Georgia Moon corn whiskey. It is a commercial moonshine. I'm pretty toasted at the moment.
  15. DrunkTrucker


    I think we are looking at the straw that finally broke the camels back. This country is in a major mess and I don't think it's fixable.
  16. DrunkTrucker

    You know you're druck when.....

    You piss in the trash can and theres an empty beer bottle in the toilet.
  17. DrunkTrucker

    My Prickly Pear Mead

    That reminds me I need to go pick some prickly pear soon. I drank my last bottle of prickly pear mead a few weeks ago. I've been waiting until I move to make more.
  18. DrunkTrucker

    A hearty howdy from Arkansas

    Welcome to the forum. I was born and raised in NW Arkansas.
  19. DrunkTrucker

    I made a yeast mistake

    I say go with it. You might like what you end up with.
  20. DrunkTrucker

    Cover songs that are better than the original

    I love Coal Chambers version of Shock the Monkey. I also like Cradle of Filths version of Hallowed Be Thy Name.