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  1. Blender

    First time trying Jamils Yeast Starter.

    You should be alright. I would shake it up every now and then plus I wouldn't pour the entire thing into the batch. I would let it settle and pour off the liquid and pitch the slurry. Good Luck
  2. Blender

    How to get mash efficiency up

    You don't have enough base grain to make a 5 gallon batch at 1.040. Where did you get the recipe?
  3. Blender

    Whatja Drinking for the Big Game?

    Speakeasy Big Daddy and margaritas.
  4. Blender

    San Diego brewpubs?

    San Diego is great. There are several threads on the forum about places in the area. Here are a couple:
  5. Blender

    Pale Ale

    I would suggest "Brewing Classic Styles". They are all good recipes to begin with and then you can branch out from there.
  6. Blender

    Recommended Burners

    My SQ 14 has been very good and reliable. I have had to clean it a couple of times but I have had now for 2+ years. I boil 14 to 15 gallons on it without to much effort.
  7. Blender

    Multiple Yeast Additions?

    People use secondaries for clearing the beer rather than fermenting. For all intents the beer should be done ferementing before going to a second vessel. There also should be enough suspended yeast for bottling under most circumstances.
  8. Blender

    Kegged a few, now I've got priming sugar coming out my ears!

    Use them to make yeast starters or you can add it to a beer as it won't hurt anything as long as you don't use to much at one time.
  9. Blender

    Verizon iPhone?!?!

    I don't work for either company but there are very strong rumors it will be on the Verizon network in 1st quarter 2011. You could always buy a used phone for the time being and then you aren't locked into a 2 year contract. The android phones are pretty nice. I like the Droid 2.
  10. Blender

    Brewing with no frills 1/2 keg

    It does hit the top rim of the keg. I do it sometimes to get the last of the wort out.
  11. Blender

    Brewing with no frills 1/2 keg

    It's pretty hard to get a splash free pour out of a kettle. It will probably go in several directions. Put a valve on it or siphon it out. How can that more than minimalist?
  12. Blender

    out ball lock leaking like a sieve

    You may have a sealing problem in the disconnect. There is a slot on the top of it to tighten it down if that is where the leak is occcuring. These disconnects can be taken apart. Make sure that the ball lock is down all the way on the poppet as well. It sometomes fools me.
  13. Blender

    New and want to go bold, what you think?

    2 pounds of crystal is quite a bit. I would scale it back. I also would move the 30 minute hop addition to 10 minutes or so and add more for flavor/aroma.
  14. Blender

    Help With Recipe Formulation

    A software program such as Beersmith will really help you determine the grain amount for an particular OG once you know your efficiency. You can adjust the amounts and see how each addition affects your recipe, color and bitterness. Well worth the investment for an all grain brewer.
  15. Blender

    ProMash Question

    Yep, Walker is correct in that Promash, or any software that I have heard of can measure flavor. I think you just have to experiment with the advice you get from others.
  16. Blender

    Fisrt time Crystal Malt user questions

    You crush as any other grain but do not boil it. Let it steep in 155-160 degree water for 20-30 minutes and your done. One pound is a lot for 5 gallon batch so be ready for some heavy dark flavors. Here is a good description on crystal malts. >> Link
  17. Blender

    Oxygenation Kit Regulator Help

    You might not see the O2 at the stone but you should see it break the surface of the wort. I can regulate the rate on mine fairly well but it gets different as the O2 bottle drains over time. I run mine about 2 minutes.
  18. Blender

    Oxygenation Kit Regulator Help

    When I do it I set it so that the O2 just breaks the surface of the wort. I have the Williams stone on the end of the tube so the O2 rises from the bottom. My thought is that anything more is a waste of the O2.
  19. Blender

    Priming temperature

    You should try to store it at around 70 degrees. If you put them in the fridge the yeast will go dormant and refuse to carbonate.
  20. Blender

    Favorite Rye Beers

    Denny Conn's Rye IPA is a good one to make. It's pretty popular. Denny's Rye IPA