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  1. UnaBonger

    BIAB Water Volume Calculator

    Would this calculator work with no sparge brewing? I think the concept is similar to BIAB...
  2. UnaBonger

    Dry Hop in Keg?

    BM, you keep the hops in there the life of the keg? In my case the beer is already kegged and I cant get to the dip tube like that... I do like the idea of the marbles to get it to the bottom. Where can you buy marbles now-a-days? Will a paint strainer bag keep pellet hops in check? I have...
  3. UnaBonger

    Dry Hop in Keg?

    The Randall is a great idea! A little overkill for what I want to do, but I love the idea! Thanks for the response Yoop! That was exactly what I had hoped. Are pellets OK in a sanitized paint strainer type bag or is there a specific hop bag that you're referring to?
  4. UnaBonger

    Primed keg with sugar but now want it on tap...

    Hook it up, you wont notice a difference. I've done it on many occasions...
  5. UnaBonger

    Dry Hop in Keg?

    So I have a finished beer that came out OK... I'd like to add a little more hop bite to it... Is it possible/advisable to add bag of hops to a serving keg already in a kegerator? In a sense, dry hopping a already finished beer... Thanks.
  6. UnaBonger

    Can you Brew It recipe for Captain Lawrence Xtra Gold

    I just recently heard this episode and am tempted to make it my next brew...
  7. UnaBonger

    Calling all Lawn Gurus!

    All great suggestions! Thanks for helping me understand where to start! I'll go check out the Scotts booklet this weekend.
  8. UnaBonger

    Calling all Lawn Gurus!

    Last summer I purchased my 1st house! In doing so, I realized I know nothing about grass care other than mowing it... Right now I have a relatively crappy looking lawn and I'd like to fix that this summer. It's patchy, has crabgrass and mossy spots in some areas. It's a small yard with one large...
  9. UnaBonger

    Im having a tough time keeping my Ale at 68 degree

    Big 'ol bucket of water, aquarium heater and bingo, 68 degrees!
  10. UnaBonger

    Wild and crazy controversial thread !

    Soo, I attempted to read through the "no chill" thread but got overwhelmed with all the info. This seems like a good enough thread to ask this, is it OK to dump wort straight from the boil into a fermenting bucket? Heat is not an issue? Would SOP, be to dump wort straight from the BK into the...
  11. UnaBonger

    New Barrel photos - pLambic underway!!

    Can you share how you wired these up? Do you control the spin speed somehow? I love the idea!
  12. UnaBonger

    Avanti Single tap kegerator owners, I need your thoughts

    While I dont have that make/model, I had similar experiences with my kegerator when I first got it...Start by checking the temps at various places inside the kegerator. In my case I had a good 5 - 10 degree difference between the bottom of the kegerator and the top. I placed a small computer fan...
  13. UnaBonger

    Good beer in Atlanta?

    Just hit up The Brick Store. WOW! Outstanding place!! Maybe the Clermont tomorrow!?!
  14. UnaBonger

    Good beer in Atlanta?

    These are all great suggestions. Keep 'em coming if there are more! Thanks so much!
  15. UnaBonger

    Good beer in Atlanta?

    Ahh, that map is exactly what I needed, thanks! But nothing is ever as good as recommendations from other beer lovers!
  16. UnaBonger

    Good beer in Atlanta?

    I'm heading to ATL for the 1st time in a few weeks for work. I'll be staying in the Doraville (?) area and will be looking for things to do and beer to drink... Any suggestions?
  17. UnaBonger

    how much does brewing smell?

    To me, smells like roses...To SWMBO, smells like "a$$"...To each, their own. I say bask in the smells that are brewing. They're as unique and wonderful as the beers are.
  18. UnaBonger

    Win7 Admin problem.. plz help

    Try disabling UAC or at the very least, put it on the lowest setting...
  19. UnaBonger

    Safeale S-04 yeast

    I read that too which is why I started panicking... The temp didn't drop until the 4th day and I "think" it was mostly done with fermentation anyway. To be safe, I'll try and warm it up with the 'ol bucket of water and aquarium heater trick and see what happens...
  20. UnaBonger

    Safeale S-04 yeast

    I just did a ESB with that yeast and it appears to have finished in 72ish hours as well. Started fast and strong and ended just as fast. My only concern is that the ambient temp in my fermentation room (read basement) dropped to 57-58. Should I be worried?