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  1. Atl300zx

    Loose cutting wheel on angle grinder

    i just used a large washer and never have issues
  2. Atl300zx

    Mini Portable Fridge Hot/Cold Fermentation Conversion

    seems too small to properly cool a large chamber
  3. Atl300zx

    $2 sparge head and CIP solution

    are the materials food safe/high temperature tolerant?
  4. Atl300zx

    509inc's Pump in a Toolbox Build

    why the hose and hose barbs as opposed to a SS nipple in each location?
  5. Atl300zx

    Jig for Bottom Keg Cut

    i freehanded with a sawzall and used the lip of the keg as my guide.
  6. Atl300zx

    509inc's Pump in a Toolbox Build

    isnt the point of the toolbox to separate the "wet" parts of the pump from the "electrical" parts of the pump? aka head on outside, motor on inside? if something leaks here, all that water just pools in an out of sight, closed tool box until...."POP"
  7. Atl300zx

    Chugger Pump Enclosure Build

    i had to do the same for my pump tool box. Now that i moved the pump onto the stand with an enclosure, i couldnt find the old shorter screws. Luckily the longer ones didnt see to bump into anything internally.
  8. Atl300zx

    Chugger Pump Enclosure Build

    wow impressive build.
  9. Atl300zx

    High Temp Paint Failure

    you could do this like teh BBQ guys do their smokers...treat it like cast iron, lightly coat in oil before and after use.
  10. Atl300zx

    GT Keezer

    Looks great man. I just renewed my season tickets yesterday. What's the good word?!?
  11. Atl300zx

    Antique Radio Kegerator Build

    I agree, this might be worth more than you think.
  12. Atl300zx

    Bedlam's Brew Shed Build

    lucky man, ive wanted a root cellar for quite some time.
  13. Atl300zx

    Will my drill be ok for attaching to a mill?

    i use a 14.4v cordless dewalt on a 2 roll cranknstein. Been using this set up for years. I do use an entire battery charge though for a 10 gallon high gravity batch.
  14. Atl300zx

    Pump shield DIY with lid from project box

    looks good. Mine is made from cutting some metal from a computer case. I painted mine flat black and it looks great.
  15. Atl300zx

    Guitar Mash Paddle

    nice to see another local GA brewer
  16. Atl300zx

    chilling cider bright tank

    my guess is C since he is also using liters.
  17. Atl300zx

    $40 DIY Conical (+ keg, no welding)

    congrats! good job on this project. any pics of the finished product on a stand?
  18. Atl300zx

    DIY propane burner.

    No, you have to mount it in something. a stand of some sort to hold the pot abiove the burner.
  19. Atl300zx

    Dremel Owners - corded vs cordless

    corded, my cordless one lasted about 1 year before dieing.
  20. Atl300zx

    How To Wax An Oak Barrel [VIDEO]

    i didnt listen to the audio b/c im at work, but whats the advantange to waxing? Less oxygen and evaporation through the wood? When my oak barrel started to leak (from being empty) I just added water and let it sit for a day for the wood to swell. No more leaks.