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  1. Sloppy Sam

    Very Noob Cider question(s)

    I used that on my last batch. It is very tasty. But very tart and dry. I love it but some people don't. They get all excited about cider, thinking American style cider, being sweet and then pucker up.
  2. Sloppy Sam

    Working on RIMS Design

    You might Find kladue's stuff interesting:
  3. Sloppy Sam

    How long do bottles keep?

    The key is to brew more beer than you can drink right away. Find a recipe that is easy and quick and keep rolling them out. That way, if you have lots of beer going, you can let it age a bit longer. Or if you are having problems with your friends drinking it all, insist that they must...
  4. Sloppy Sam

    Aseptox in beer

    Vodka is much better in the airlock. Especially for us better bottle and bucket users. The better bottles are more likely to suck back because they flex. With Vodka oops, just boosted the ABV is much better than darn I just put some sanitizer in my beer.
  5. Sloppy Sam

    Removing "Cola" Odor From Corny Kegs?

    Nope, Diversol (Sani-Brew), eats stainless. PBW and Oxyclean are safe.
  6. Sloppy Sam

    New Brewing system gadgets

    Holy S***! It looks like that thing will do the laundry, wash the car, and explore uncharted planets. I am in awe! Keep posting pictures that is amazing.
  7. Sloppy Sam

    Label and name inspiration. Looking for feedback.

    That looks fantastic. I would print these on some heavy paper. Something that looks almost like canvas. Would be expensive I guess but it would look like 1 of a kind.
  8. Sloppy Sam

    Label/ Logo Help

    LMAO, Honey HippyChick Ale. Thats great.
  9. Sloppy Sam

    Label and logo feedback

    Thanks, The feedback here has been great. I have a few tweaks and then it should be off to the printer.
  10. Sloppy Sam

    New to the Site

    Wow an imperial stout is an ambitious first batch. They like other big beers benefit from aging for 9-12 months. So if it doesn't taste too great, let it sit for a while it will likely improve. Did you take any measurements with a hydrometer? Welcome to HBT.
  11. Sloppy Sam

    Bottling in unconventional vessels

    Mason Jars, even if you could get them to seal are clear. Clear bottles = BAD BEER.
  12. Sloppy Sam

    Bottling with 22oz bottles

    Mine do as well I figure it is due to having less head space compared to the same amount of beer. The 32oz swing locks I have go even quicker and are really nice for traveling bottles.
  13. Sloppy Sam


    KEGS if you don't have them now is the time to make the jump. Or maybe you want to go all grain? How about a wort chiller. They are fantastic time savers. By the way Congrats we are all jealous.
  14. Sloppy Sam

    Brew time

    Wort Chiller cuts down the time a lot. Instead of waiting an hour to cool I can, in the winter with really cold water, cool the wort in 10 minutes. Depends on the kit as well. I can do an extract kit with a full 60 minute boil in about 2.5-3 hours if I am on top of things. Otherwise If I...
  15. Sloppy Sam

    wort filtering?

    When I do IPA's Like that I put my hops in a hop bag. Keeps them from floating about in the beer. I have also when Dry Hopping put my hop bag on the end of the racking cane or autoshiphon. It works fantastic. Keeps all the junk in the carboy. I use one of those reusable mesh ones.
  16. Sloppy Sam

    EdWorts question

    It should be ok. But keep an eye on it and if it doesn't start to ferment within 24-48 hours I would get worried. Unless you just happen to have some yeast laying around and don't mind the cost of pitching some extra.
  17. Sloppy Sam

    Label and logo feedback

    Who knew a simple label and logo could had sparked such an interesting discussion.
  18. Sloppy Sam


    I bought a carbonation stone from Midwest Supplies. I boil it while I am boiling my beer and then hook it up to my Oxy cylinder from my cutting rig and hit it with about 30 sec of O2. Works great. You could do the same...
  19. Sloppy Sam

    Never Ending Word Thread