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  1. reverendj1

    Almost blew it today

    Disregard this. I misread and was thinking you had a bottle filler on your valve, like this. It's been so long since I bought my bottling bucket, I thought they came with them. I thought you were worried about the wand filling with the priming sugar, so the first bottle would be over-primed, not...
  2. reverendj1

    Almost blew it today

    I know this too late to do anything, but for others reading this, just dump the first bottle back in the bucket and proceed as normal. I've done it dozens of times. Not a big deal.
  3. reverendj1

    There's no such thing as a session IPA.

    Founders was one of, if not the first to create a session IPA. When I took a tour there, they said that the reason that they created All Day IPA was because of salesmen. They had their salesmen going out in the field all day selling beer, and of course, they would have to be drinking Founders...
  4. reverendj1

    plastic bucket for fermentation???

    You mean Jayden James? I haven't been there yet. I'm in Jenison, so it's kind of a hike. Depending on where you are in Rockford, Gravel Bottom in Ada may be closer. They are a brewery/homebrew store. I haven't checked them out yet though.
  5. reverendj1

    plastic bucket for fermentation???

    Siciliano's and O'Connor's rock!
  6. reverendj1

    Jalapeno Pineapple Beer

    No problem. Let me know how it goes. :)
  7. reverendj1

    How long do i have?

    I've left beer for several weeks to a month after I should have bottled (I usually bottle after 3-4 weeks in the fermenter) and no ill affects. RDWHAHB Time is your friend, it's generally better to be patient and take longer to do things, than it is to rush them. That being said, I would worry...
  8. reverendj1

    Are you supposed to leave the yeast behind?

    Yeah, leaving it behind is the point of transferring to secondary. :) All you are doing is moving it from one vessel to another, increasing your risk of oxidation and infection and mixing up all that yeast and trub that has fallen out naturally into a nice compact cake. I don't want to get in...
  9. reverendj1

    plastic bucket for fermentation???

    Nice Thorogood sneak in there. :)
  10. reverendj1

    plastic bucket for fermentation???

    Yeah, I have a couple towels my buddy gave me when I started. He called them brew towels and said they wouldn't scratch my buckets. No idea what they actually are, and don't seem much different than regular dish towels. I've had 1 infection so far (40+ batches), but I can account that to...
  11. reverendj1

    plastic bucket for fermentation???

    To clarify, I don't usually age my beer in buckets for that long. Usually 3-4 weeks. That just happened a few times accidentally as life happens, with no ill affects. Another option for secondaries is to use plastic carboys, like Better Bottles. I know lots of people use those for extended...
  12. reverendj1

    plastic bucket for fermentation???

    Only idiots use plastic buckets. They actually force oxygen in your beer and give you man boobs. Just kidding. Buckets are fine for at least 6-8 weeks (the max I've ever let a beer sit). I know a ton of people on here and IRL that use them for that long. The main concern people have with them...
  13. reverendj1

    Jalapeno Pineapple Beer

    I have not done a pineapple/jalapeno beer, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I have however done a pineapple beer (not my recipe), but it had a bazillion other things in it too. From the many bad commercial pepper beers I've had (and some very delicious ones), I think it would be harder to...
  14. reverendj1

    1st Timer, stalled fermentation day 3

    My suggestion? RDWHAHB. It is probably in the less vigorous portion of the fermentation process. Just let it do it's thing. The yeast aren't quite as active, but they are chewing down the last few gravity points and cleaning up after themselves. This can take a few days. For a beginner, you are...
  15. reverendj1

    All Grain & Extract brewers competing against each other?

    Disclaimer, I'm an AG brewer. I've only done a couple extract when I was starting out. I've also only entered one competition. After seeing some people's setups on here with regards to automation, etc. I don't think that AG necessarily means harder. Why would you feel cheated? Because you...
  16. reverendj1

    Clear cap-able 12oz bottle source?

    Around here there are a few artisan soda companies that bottle in clear 12 oz crown cap bottles. I've been saving them up for my non-beers. Also, Newcastle and Sol (Mexican beer) use clear bottles. Also, here are 16oz Grolsch style ones on eBay. No idea if they are rated for carbonation though.
  17. reverendj1

    ice bath at end of fermentation

    After fermentation has completed. Cold crashing will put the yeast to sleep so no more fermentation will happen until they are warmed up.
  18. reverendj1

    ice bath at end of fermentation

    This is a form of cold crashing, which is quite common. Most people do it in a temperature controlled freezer at about 34* (which is what I do) or outside if your are somewhere cold enough (which is what I did before I had a fermentation/cold-crashing freezer) for a day or two. Many people do it...
  19. reverendj1

    Very foamy pour from bottle.

    I misread your post (which in turn caused you to misread mine :)). I thought you were saying that the Home Brew TV guys said you had a gusher infection when they tried it.