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    First time cider - bottle conditioning/carbonation process

    Awesome replies folks! Much appreciated!
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    First time cider - bottle conditioning/carbonation process

    So the wife and I made our first cider last night. We actually made four one-gallon batches in order to compare results from various yeasts, but set that aside for now.. Fermentation was already rocking along this morning in all of the fermenters so we've got a good start. We like dry ciders so...
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    Minnesota juice sources

    Hi folks, I've been brewing beer & wine from kits for a while now with mostly good results and no disasters. I'm starting to enjoy ciders (especially dry) a bit more so naturally I'm interested in brewing my own. I'm set up with a single keg now but I'll be upgrading to a multi-keg keezer...
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    Hop Residue during boiling

    Yes, pellets. Sorry, I meant to include that in the OP but forgot.
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    Hop Residue during boiling

    Ok, I finally got back to brewing last night.. Batch #5, AHS promotional IPA.. This used 5oz of hops, and during the boil I noticed that there was alot of hop residue on the side of the pot during the boil. I stirred it back into the boil every 10 minutes or so, thinking that I don't want to...
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    Sanitizer accident..

    A couple of weeks ago, I moved my Sierra Nevada PA clone into secondary for dry hopping. This was the first time I used my better bottle for anything other than bottling, and so I goofed up a little and put my filled airlock on before I picked it up and moved it to fermenting storage. The...
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    AHS commerical brew kits observations and questions

    I would agree except for their alcohol boost. In terms of OG, FG and taste, the two batches I've done with their straight up extract kit have been right on the money. The two I tried the boost on were drinkable but way off target.
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    When to start with a blow-off tube?

    I'm probably going to start brewing some bigger beers in my next couple of batches, so I'll probably want to get a BO tube rigged up. Problem is, I have a pail fermenter. What type of tubing & stopper should I use?
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    Bottle Harvesting Questions..

    Awesome.. Exactly what I needed.. Any particular kind of DME?
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    Bottle Harvesting Questions..

    So I was at a store last night, and they had a pretty good selection of Rogue bombers. I saw one that I hadn't tried (somer ale:, and noticed that it actually said "Unfiltered" and "Pacman Yeast" on the label. Then I looked at the bottom of the bottle...
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    Mmmm Good!!

    I tried it over the weekend, and loved it. Anyone have a clone recipie for it yet?
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    Areas to improve..

    Err.. like i said, I don't even know how to describe the taste. It's just, something. Sorry i can't be more specific. I use gallon jugs of drinking water for my brews. I boil with three and stick two in the freezer for top off water. When the boil is complete, I put the pot containing the...
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    Areas to improve..

    I read the yeast washing thread, and I think that I might order liquid yeast for my next batch and then wash it out to save the $$ for next time. We'll find out if that does any better.. Are my temps really Ok? I thought 62-68 ambient was too warm since the fermenting wort is going to be 4-6...
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    Yeast Washing Illustrated

    I read the first 35 pages of this but didn't see anything regarding a couple of questions I had.. First off.. Just to be clear, I pour the sterilized & cooled water directly on to my trub/cake at the bottom of my primary, right? Using a pic from the OP.. So immediately prior to this...
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    Areas to improve..

    I have one bottle of my first batch (NXNW Amber Ale) left and about half of my 2nd batch (Real Ale PA) left. 3rd batch will be in the bottles early next week. First batch was very reminiscent of the brew it was trying to clone. The second - not so much. I did a taste test last night, and the...
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    Just finished this whole thread.. Great stuff.. My wife along with most of my friends & family appreciate good beer, so unfortunately I don't know if I'll ever be able to contribute.
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    Halfway through 1st batch, seems undercarbed

    Will do. I'll probably bottle in less than a week though, so it sounds like we might be on a pretty similar schedule.
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    Halfway through 1st batch, seems undercarbed

    Ok, found the priming sugar.. It's 4.5oz.. I put my primary in an icechest with water. I kept that water in the low 60's (with icepacks in the water) for the first week or two, then let it slide a little higher for the remainder of fermentation (which was 4 weeks total). We had a very cold...
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    Halfway through 1st batch, seems undercarbed

    Yep, it's good stuff. Nice & hoppy but not overwhelming. Just all around simple, well balanced goodness... I think AHS has an all-grain kit for the 3 or 4 common Real Ale brews..
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    Halfway through 1st batch, seems undercarbed

    Errr... whatever came in the kit... haha.. I have another kit at home with the same size package. I'll check & post..