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  1. TheHairyHop

    Brewing numbers way off

    Hey everyone, I just had a brew day where my numbers just didn't do it. I was supposed to hit a pre-boil OG of 1.062 with a mash efficiency of 70%, but I hit 1.048. I have a cooler with a braid. Dump the braid? Using distilled water and 1g/gal of CaCl, I was supposed to hit a mash pH of 5.41...
  2. TheHairyHop

    ANYTHING by Aslin

    Holy sweet baby Jesus. I've had Julius, Heady Topper and IPAs from Trillium. I've had countless traditional, brett, whatever you name it IPAs from the west, and I just had an IPA from northern Virginia that made me drink the Kool Aid so hard, I was buying shirts, decals and whatever else I could...
  3. TheHairyHop

    The Calling IPA Help!

    Hey guys. I had The Calling by Boulevard Brewing for the first time at Avery's Strong Ale Fest and it was great. Naturally, I want to try something close to it. Here's their take on it: It says...
  4. TheHairyHop

    Dry Citrus Imperial IPA - critque

    Hey all, Would love some input on my IIPA recipe. I'm aiming for a dry, citrus bomb that will also put you on your ass if you're not minding your pints (yes, I drink my IIPA in pints :tank:). I don't work much with Amarillo or Centennial. Also, BS2 seemed to think my FG was going to be 1.021...
  5. TheHairyHop

    First Decoction Went Super Smooth!

    Thanks a lot Kaiser! :mug: Your website was invaluable for working on my Dunkel and the enhanced double decoction that I used. Here's a GIF of the protein that was left sitting on top of my mash :ban:
  6. TheHairyHop

    Help me use my new ferm chamber

    Just finished programming my STC-1000 to be 1000+ and set up my new ferm chamber last week. I've avoided Belgian and German style beers because of the lack of true temperature control. But now that I have the ability, I'd like to make a beer that requires strict temperature control. The only...
  7. TheHairyHop

    Any Maui Brewers?

    I'm on the island for 12 weeks and I'm jonseing to brew! Summer is usually my brewing season, so if anyone needs a hand on a brew day or just wants to hang out, let me know. I would consider myself experienced as I've been doing all-grain for a number of years and I love experimenting...
  8. TheHairyHop

    Body Retention

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but a Google search turned up nothing. More than likely due to the difficulty of phrasing this correctly. Are there any carbs/sugars that lacto or brett won't eat in order to retain some sort of body. I've been giving some thought to this dilemma and it...
  9. TheHairyHop

    Help Me Use These Hops

    After moving, I haven't gotten into the swing of things until now. I have a BUTT LOAD of Cascade hops. Like, way too many. I also have a lot of Simcoe and a little bit of Citra. Anyone have a good recipe that uses a lot of Cascade and maybe Simcoe? I know they're fairly common, but if you...
  10. TheHairyHop

    What Equipment Could Make My Life Easier?

    So, my girlfriend wants to know what I could use for Christmas. I'm at a loss and figure something for brewing could be cool, but I don't know what I need. I'd like to maximize the awesomeness :p right now I have C02 to fill and dispense one keg A mini fridge for that keg A monster mill (it...
  11. TheHairyHop

    Belgian Pumpkin Strong Ale

    Hey all, Time for some experimentation :ban: I'm going to try taking a Belgian Dark Strong Ale recipe and tweak it to become a high abv Pumpkin beer. Right now, I'm looking at this recipe to fiddle with...
  12. TheHairyHop

    Scotch Ale Recipe Advice

    So I made an Old Chub clone following the recipe in this thread and it came out nice. I like it a lot, but I'd like the fiddle with it. I'd like it to be a bit nuttier, maltier and more alcoholic. With more malt and...
  13. TheHairyHop

    Clogged Keg Advice

    Hey guys, The tea ball that was dry hopping my keg with about 1.5 oz of hops opened up. Probably my fault, but it's a new design (with a locking lid, not a latch) and I think it might have just pulled apart. My options, as far as I know, are to either transfer to another keg or two attach a...
  14. TheHairyHop

    Double ESB

    Hey all. Made 5 gallons of an ESB for my buddies the other week and we killed it in a night. The loved the flavor and smooth profile it had. Now we're going to do a brew-to-keg event, where we get together to go through all the steps of making the beer and then drink it together. It'd be...
  15. TheHairyHop

    Avery 20th Anniversary

    Anyone try the new Avery 20th? It's damn good in my opinion :mug: I've been trying to formulate the percentages and hopping schedule in my head. I keep coming back to the fact that there must be a whole heck of a lot of Simcoe in there. Anyone...
  16. TheHairyHop

    SMaSH Report

    A few weeks ago I made smashes using the same wort and hopping techniques. I used MO for the wort and Apollo, Citra and Nelson Sauvin for the hops. The hopping schedule was the equivalent of 2 oz added over the boil in equal increments every 10 minutes. I then cooled to 180 and steeped 1 oz for...
  17. TheHairyHop

    Wheat in an IPA

    I've been seeing a few recipes involving wheat in an IPA-like hopping schedule. My question is what exactly is the point? Won't the hops over power any wheat flavor induced by the grain? I'm going to be brewing an IPA this weekend and I want to try something interesting.
  18. TheHairyHop

    Work on a Stout With Me

    I've only got a few allgrains under my belt, so I definitely need some advice/input and overall knowledge thrown at me. I made this stout a few weeks ago: Oatmeal Stout Ingredients Amt Name Type # %/IBU* 4.0 oz Rice Hulls (0.0 SRM) Adjunct 1 1.9 %* 9 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 2...
  19. TheHairyHop

    Gusher Question

    So my not-so-hoppy pale ale took another crap turn. Opened up a bottle today and it was ridiculously over carbonated. It didn't shoot out, but eventually about half of the bottle came out as foam. I've read up on a lot of the existing threads about the topic so I'm aware it can be quite a...
  20. TheHairyHop

    Hop Flavors and Aromas

    Hey all. After a lackluster pale ale, I feel as if I need to redeem myself with a good IPA or APA. I checked the ingredients list in the sticky for hop flavors and aromas, but all of the links are fairly incomplete. They're either missing varieties that are now fairly common, or the...