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  1. postalbunny

    Preventing coils freezing jockeybox during travel

    Curious if there is any cheap solution to priming the jockey box with something that won't freeze for transport? I know you don't want to drop ice in the jockey box when it's empty in case any water is left over from cleaning is there and freezes blocking the coils. However; when traveling to...
  2. postalbunny

    Help identifying old grain mill

    Bought this over 5 years ago... recently upgraded and was looking to sell it off but I can't for the life of me remember what brand this was. Gave some searches on forums and google images, but not finding anything that looks the same. Anyone recognize it? Things that stand out to me are : 1...
  3. postalbunny

    Texas kegerator for sale (houston)

    Built myself a keezer... looking to sell off the kegerator to recoup cost. This is about 5 years old. It's a converted sanyo fridge. It's got a stainless tower with two perlic creamer faucets (creamer function did not turn out to be useful at all, but they work fine otherwise). There's a...
  4. postalbunny

    Texas Propane automation parts

    I've converted to electric and have propane/gas valves and propane accessories to sell off the old rig. Please msg me if you're building your own stand and looking to go propane. I've still got this assembly connected and can test-fire and demonstrate it until pieces sell off. If someone...
  5. postalbunny

    Texas Grain mill $50

    I've upgraded to newer mill and have this older one to sell. I bought it so long ago i don't even recall what brand it was. I've included pictures of the rollers and all angles. Mill still works fine. I used a drill to operate but kept the handle which I've included. I would consider...
  6. postalbunny

    Texas Keggles (HLT & BK)

    Recently upgraded to some 20g kettles, selling off the old converted kegs to recoup some of the expense. The hot liquor tank that has a ball valve, a sightglass/thermometer combo, and a m14 RTD probe (i used PID to fire gas burners) The boil kettle has sightglass/thermo cobo and two valves. I...
  7. postalbunny

    Texas HLT and Boil Keggle (and propane single tier parts)

    Just started converting from propane to all electric. I've attached a picture of my current rig that i will be parting out. HLT/BLK - $200 each I'm currently selling the hot liquor tank (left) and the boil kettle (right). Both are using 3 piece...
  8. postalbunny

    Texas Intertap Beer Shank

    I measured wrong and ended up having to buy longer shanks... if anyone has plans to build a keezer these will work for either flat mount (black plastic flang) or with a 3" tower. Pic: I have 6x, selling them $10 a pop or $50 fro entire set. Prefer...
  9. postalbunny

    Texas Perlick & Intertap Beer Faucets

    Flow control didn't really work out well with my higher carb beers... ended up swapping the rest of my keezer ports for normal taps. Looking to sell these to recoup my cost. Pic: If somone wants to buy the whole lot i'll throw in the intertap...
  10. postalbunny

    Full Sail Hop Pursuit

    Looking or any information or good guesses as to the hops used in Full Sail's Hop Pursuit. I can no longer find this in stores, and haven't found any beers with similar taste. It had a grapefruit/pine/lemon/earthy smell to it.
  11. postalbunny

    Recommend yeast for 3 Spice Lemon Weiz

    Fixing to brew my last MRB recipe. I'd like to use a hefe yeast to make this Weizenbier, but I'm not sure which would be the best fit. Can someone with more experience recommend one? From research, wlp300, wlp380, or Danstar Munich seem to be the best bets. RECIPE INCLUDES: 2 Cans...