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    Can I use 5/16" OD clear vinyl tubing for the beer line in my kegerator?

    Probably dumb question, but can I use this for beer line in my kegerator? It's 3/16" ID x 5/16" OD. The previous line I was using was black and 7/16" OD so this is much thinner, but all the specs listed make it seem like it should be fine. Wanted to make sure before I take everything apart. TIA
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    BeerSmith - too much calculated starting water needed - how to adjust?

    I've been brewing for awhile but lately I feel like BeerSmith is telling me to add too much starting water. I do full volume BIAB and today when I brewed, at the end of mash, I had about 0.4 gal too much wort and my gravity was about 0.005 under target. And my grain still had more liquid I...
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    $25 off $25 item on eBay - 1 lb citra hops for <$4

    This applies to anything on eBay really but coupon code HAPPY25 gets you $25 off $25 on anything on eBay so I bought a pound of citra hops for <$4. Apparently it doesn’t work for everyone but worked for me last night.
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    Can I pitch yeast at higher temps if I'm quickly cooling or should I wait to pitch?

    In summer I generally stop cooling around 75F since it takes so long to cool any more. It takes my chest freezer fermentation chamber less than a hour to lower the temp to the low 60’s where I like to start fermentation. Should I wait to add the yeast until it’s chilled completely or is it okay...
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    Kettle soured berliner weisse has astringent feeling in back of throat

    So I've tried a couple bottles of my kettle soured berliner weisse and it's got what I would describe as an astringent feeling/tart taste in the back of my throat while drinking it. It really hits you in the back of the throat and not your whole mouth. My process was mash, pre-acidify to...
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    Carbonator cap and smaller plastic soda bottles

    Does anyone use a plastic carbonator cap with a bottle smaller than a 1 or 2 liter plastic soda bottle? I have a 1 L soda bottle and it works just fine. I bought a 500 ml Pepsi bottle and no matter what I do, the cap doesn't make an air tight seal. I have some 12 oz bottle of home brew that's...
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    Mold on the surface of the beer in bottles

    So a few friends and I brewed the same beer and put it in a barrel to age it. Well it turned sour. I ended up bottling it and it actually has become pretty tasty. One of the guys aged his on cherries and it scored very well in a competition. Well they’ve been in the bottle for about 1.5...
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    Will wort pH be the same after 48 hours?

    I have access to a pH at work. Can I pull off a sample of wort on brew day and then bring it into work and measure it then? Will it change? It would be 48 hours or less.
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    Big beer only dropped 27 points in 4 days. Normal?

    Brewed a big beer on Sunday (1.105). Pitched 2 packs of dry yeast (S04) that I rehydrated. Added 90 secs of O2 before pitching and another 60 seconds about 15 hours after pitching. This was a 3.5 gal batch into a 6 gal bucket, so I didn't see any bubbles in the blowoff tube, but that's normal...
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    Anyone ever add coffee beans straight into bottled beer?

    I'm thinking you could pop the top of a chilled beer, drop a couple beans in, wait a couple days and then you'd have a coffee beer. Anything wrong with this plan?
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    How much gas am I wasting by kegging a small batch in a 5 gal keg?

    I just did a split 5 gal batch with 2 different yeasts, so I will be kegging around 2.5 gal into a 5 gal keg. I know I could buy a smaller keg, but that will be at least $50 plus shipping. How much gas am I wasting by kegging in a bigger vessel? Is wasted gas the only disadvantage...
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    How to figure out where my bucket is leaking CO2

    I brewed 4 days ago. It was a 4 gal batch that I put into a 6.5 gallon bucket with an S shaped airlock. I used a fresh starter that behaved normally. If I press on the top of the bucket, the water level in the airlock moves. But I haven't seen any airlock activity. I'm 99% sure the beer is...
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    Will leaf hops sink after cold crashing?

    Pardon my ignorance, but in 4+ years brewing, I've never used leaf hops. But my LHBS was out of simcoe pellets, so I got the leaf hops. My usual procedure is to dry how loose in the primary and then cold crash for a couple days and the pellet hops will settle out. Will leaf hops behave the...
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    Dry yeast substitute for WLP007

    I've seen conflicting info online. I'm seen S04 mentioned, but that it might give more "English" character and S05 would be too clean and not give enough. I've seen someone mention Nottingham and the specs kind of match up and someone said it was equivalent to WLP039, which is a dry British...
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    Modern Times Booming Rollers

    Note: This is my modified version of the recipe that Modern Times posted to the BeerSmith database. I loved this beer when I had a can a few months so I emailed the brewery and after a few weeks they responded with the link to the recipe on the BeerSmith database, which I thought was awesome...
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    Adding yeast at bottling after extended secondary

    So I have an 11% imperial stout that was in primary for 5 weeks and secondary for 3 months. I've been trying to research on when to add yeast at bottling and it seems there is no real consensus on when it's necessary, but it is cheap insurance. Most seem to recommend adding a small portion...
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    How to increase the gravity in a porter recipe

    I have a porter recipe that I'd like to increase the SG and therefore the ABV. Would I just increase the base malt or would I increase every ingredient to maintain the same percentages? Or something in between? The recipe is marris otter, pale wheat malt, chocolate malt, English black malt...
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    Keg taking a long time to carb

    So I've always used the "set and forget" method and my kegs have always carbed well in a couple weeks. Well I bought a new keg and used it for my last batch. Now I'm on day 23 and it's still not carbed totally. There is some carbonation, but not enough. The only odd thing I noticed is that...
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    Reusing yeast slurry in 24 hours. How would you store it?

    I brewed a 1 gal batch in order to grow enough yeast for a subsequent 5 gallon batch, which I'm brewing on Sunday. I'd rather not bottle the 1 gal batch on Sunday before brewing. I'd rather bottle it on Saturday, roughly 24 hours before. How would you go about storing the slurry for 24 hours...
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    Ohio Cincinnati - Cool Brewing Bag - $30

    I'm sure most people are familiar with this, but here's the website for more information - I used it only a couple times before I bought a chest freezer and temperature controller so it's like new. It works great for controlling your fermentation temperature...