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  1. buenaventura

    It's Official,

  2. buenaventura

    Guinness Surger

    Have you seen yet? :confused: 1) U2 playing in background? Really? 2) It looks like this is the easy fix to the problem that most undereducated bartenders have in not knowing how to properly pour a pint of black. Skip to 1:15, by the way.
  3. buenaventura

    About to be a grandma.......

  4. buenaventura

    So I Drank A Budweiser

    It may sound crazy, but I skipped BMC between my Steel Reserve phase and Craft Beer phase. Ugh . . . Steel Reserve . . . makes me shudder just to think of it.
  5. buenaventura

    Legal notices, repo men and harassment.

    Other than to say that I am truly sorry that this is happening to you, and that I can sympathize because the same thing happened to my dad, I'm not touching this post with a ten foot pole. I hope this gets resolved peacefully. :mug:
  6. buenaventura

    Getting Divorced

    Today was the worst day of my life thus far. In other news, thanks for the continued advice and jokes. I would RDWHAHB but I have no HB . . . plus . . . I haven't been drinking since this thing started . . . probably a good idea since it's exactly what I want to be doing right now. In other...
  7. buenaventura

    Spruce Essence Surprise

    Seriously? Every recipe I have come across has called for boiling the spruce essence. I figured half the fun was the way the wort would smell as it was boiling away on my stovetop . . . :(
  8. buenaventura

    Getting Divorced

    Thanks again to everyone for contributing to this thread. I'm taking it one f***ing day at a time. :rockin:
  9. buenaventura

    Spruce Essence Surprise

    After further exploration, this thread proved to be really helpful. Looks like it's going to be 1/4 oz (2 tsp.) MAX. Now, the question is whether I should stagger the two tsp. additions. Maybe one at start of boil and one within the last 5 minutes? Yikes . . . I wonder if I should just add...
  10. buenaventura

    Spruce Essence Surprise

    That's a negatory . . . closest would be NE Wisconsin based on those maps . . . Anyway . . . thanks for the heads up. I suppose you are right about dilution. Papazian recommends 1-5 tsp. per 5 gallon batch. I certainly want the spruce taste to be dominant, but I also don't want to drink...
  11. buenaventura

    Spruce Essence Surprise

    . . . and I don't mean in a good way . . . I went to my FLHBS and came home with the makings for a Papazian-esqe spruce beer, including a 2-oz. bottle of spruce essence. While munching away during lunch, I casually read its ingredients and was a bit unnerved when I noticed that it includes...
  12. buenaventura

    Aged 9,000 Years, Ancient Beer Finally Hits Stores!

    Where would I possibly be able to pick some of this up all the way over here in Chicago? :(
  13. buenaventura

    Making mead right now, need help please!

    I was referencing the holy book of Papazian, and that's what is written. Then again, he also says "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew" (RDWHAHB) . . . so . . . this may be one of those situations where one may trump the other? :)
  14. buenaventura

    My Beer Was A Hit

  15. buenaventura

    Making mead right now, need help please!

    Isn't it generally a bad idea to boil fruit for fermentation . . . period? From what I understand, fruit is to be added immediately post boil. Boiling fruit and fruit juices "sets the pectin" or whatever . . . in other words, yeah . . . makes it gooey and slimy . . . certainly not ideal . . ...
  16. buenaventura

    Agave research

    I have 1 gallon of it awaiting bottling at the moment. Your thread encouraged me to steal a taste and . . . I have to say . . . You are very right. It tastes like a cross between apple and honey . . . though I could be showing my poor sense of taste in saying such a thing . . . Regardless . . ...
  17. buenaventura

    Organ Transplant

    I extend my thoughts and well wishes to you and your family.
  18. buenaventura

    Getting Divorced

    Thanks everyone for helping me get through day #2. :mug:
  19. buenaventura

    Do you Aerate your Wort ?

    Well, sh*t. I didn't know that . . . thanks for the heads up. Here's hoping the APA I have bottle conditioning doesn't taste like crap. :(