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    Do you think this prechiller will work ok? Anyone ever just freeze a 1/2" wort chiller in a 40 lb block of ice? Any theories? Better or worse than icewater?
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    The cheapest fan controllers (for stir plates)

    Can anyone beat this? Free shipping too. Single controller - $2.49 - DealExtreme: $2.49 12W Variable Speed Controller for PC Cooling Fans Triple controller - $6.65 - DealExtreme: $6.65 3-Fan Cooling Fan Variable Speed Controller for PC I have not ordered these items, but I have...
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    If you keep it in the fermenter for 2 months, is there a point to keg conditioning?

    Forgive me, but I'm still a little fuzzy on the concept of aging. Which beer tastes better and why? Or which tastes the worst? Assume all other variables are identical and we are making just a run-of-the-mill 5.5% ABV Reinheitsgebot amber ale. Batch A: Primary for 4 weeks, FG achieved...
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    Does this online batch sparge calculator completely suck or am I retarded? :: Homebrew :: Batch Sparge Calculator I used this today and wound up way short of my calculated runoff goal. Here are the values I inputted: Total grain: 11.5 (lbs) Total wort pre-boil: 6.5 (gal) Mash water ratio: 1.25 (qt per lb) Grain absorption: .125 (.125 gal per...
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    Son of a.... missed OG by .023

    AHS Fin Du Monde Clone 12 lb Belgian Pilsner 1 lb Caravienne 1 lb Crystal 20 L 1 lb Red Wheat 8 oz Clear candi sugar Mashed for 60 min, starting at 152, dropped to 150 at the end Batch recirc for about 10 min (it actually ran clear almost right away, but I did it a few extra times just for the...
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    Possible to make a keg out of PCV?

    I don't mean something you'd keep in the kegerator permanently, but maybe something smaller so you could put a couple in an ice chest or whatever. Seems to me you could build one maybe 12" long and 6" in diameter with an end cap and a cleanout plug set for less than $15 and it would hold around...
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    How much have you spent on equipment?

    I'm into it for about $1700, but I have pretty much everything I would ever want, at least for a while. This is for a Pol-style HERMS setup, stand, keezer, keggle, CFC, 4 bucket fermenters, 4 cornys, 2 carboys, 50 32oz swingtops, another 100 or so misc bottles, and all the usual odds and...
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    Question about conditioning time, bottles vs kegs

    Forgive me if this seems rudimentary, but I've only recently been studying up on kegging. Most people say to wait at least 3 weeks before drinking bottled beer, often even longer. However, I see a lot of people that say you can drink a draft beer right after you force carb it. Why is this...
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    Will a chest freezer run on its back?

    e.g. does the compressor and related equipment have to be upright? I am asking this because I am wanting to put together a bar in my home and I am brainstorming for ideas of how I can keep a chest freezer under the bar, while still having the lid be accessible as well as being able to hard...
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    Sportsman's Warehouse to close 23 stores (they sell the 10gal Rubbermaid, etc)

    Just FYI, Sportsman's Warehouse are closing a lot of their stores. This is already one of the cheapest places for the 10 gal cooler ($40). They also have a lot of other coolers, cooler parts, propane burners, tanks and stuff like that. No word on clearance sales yet, but I bet they are coming...
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    How is 70% efficiency for my 3rd AG brew?

    I had a major failure of my thermometer during the beginning of the batch sparge. It was reading 15 degrees too low. I didn't realize the error until I had already batched about 1 gallon of sparge water. I just happened to double check with a digital thermometer and it read much lower...
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    look at this weird carboy stand thing on craigslist

    5 Gallon Glass Carboy With Stand I took a screenshot in case it gets deleted. I'd consider getting it if I needed a carboy. Seems pretty cool, mainly for cleaning... if you put some wheels or something on the bottom, you could just leave it in the apparatus all the time and never have to...
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    Forgot to add maltodextrin to boil

    So, I brewed last week and the recipe called for 8 oz maltodextrin. I forgot to add it that night, but I remembered the next morning. I boiled it in a few cups of water, cooled it to around 70 and added it to the fermenter. It should probably be ok, right?
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    First all grain brew (with amazing brew sculpture pic)

    Ok, so it is my first all grain brew, give me a break. I was having some leakage on the mash tun, so I stuck a small pipe wrench on there to tug on the ball valve a bit to make a better seal, which you can see in the picture. It did the trick well enough. I ordered some of those 5/8" ID...
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    Effect of yeast, hops, aeration, etc. on OG reading?

    Just curious, what kind of effect would the presence of: A) a decent yeast starter (minus starter beer) B) hop pellet fragments (assuming no hop bag) C) vigorous manual aeration D) oxygen injection E) break material ...have on an OG reading? I always measure OG before pitching and...
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    So, uh... how big of a vessel was I supposed to use for a 1 L starter?

    Because I was using a 1 L flask with a stir plate and it erupted everywhere after about 36 hours. Started with 500 mL and stepped it up another 500 mL after 24 hours. Yeah, yeah, it sounds dumb, but I had done it a bunch of times now with no problems, but this is the first time I've used...
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    Best place to buy 10gal round cooler?

    So far, the cheapest place I can find is Sportsman's Warehouse. $39.99+tax for the orange Igloo. (edited to say this is brick and mortar.. they don't have anything online)
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    Is it ever too early to start yeast culturing?

    I'm only on my 9th batch, but, what the hell.. I already made a stir plate and I figure it should pay for itself pretty quickly versus buying White Labs at $7 a pop. I think I've got a pretty good handle on the process. I was planning on starting only from pure sources for the time being. Are...
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    What do you do for a living?

    Reporting consultant for a major corporation KPI, metrics, all that fun stuff.
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    Ridiculous hot break times?

    I bought the AHS Murphy's clone (partial mash) and I'm going on 2.5 hours now. I had to add extra water because so much has boiled off, I was afraid it would start burning. No end in sight thus far. Is this a common thing, or what? I haven't had one yet that lasted more than about 40...