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    1st time Gelatin Questions

    Found a lot of info regarding gelatin but I have a few questions of my own that were not addressed online (I think?) So I bought some gelatin, unflavored knox. added some cold water let it reydrate, then added hot water 160f and let it sit for about 15 minutes. I then dumped it into my...
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    Popped open Primary for gravity Ready

    Brewed my first partial mash on Dec 16th. An IPA, so after a decent time in primary I took a gravity reading of 1.020. OG was 1.050. I have never had a beer stall here before and its also my first partial mash. Primary was in basement which is 60-65 f temperature. These was the recipe...
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    Safale s-04

    Brewed a PM IPA on the 16th, and it didnt get into the bucket untill about 10pm. I pitched one pack of safale s-04 (first time using it) into 70F wort. The next day, the 17th, it was bubbling like crazy in my basement of 65f. All of my beers have a quick start to fermentations. The weird...
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    Dry hop with Simcoe

    Because of circumstances beyond my control when i was purchasing hops for my last brew I had to substitute Amarilo for my dry hop with Simcoe which is 13AA Do people dry hop with Simcoe? My hop schedule was 1oz Warrior 60 min .5oz Amarillo 15 .5oz Simcoe 15 .5oz Amarillo 5...
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    1st Partial Mash

    Today was my first PM. Went fairly well was wondering if someone could let me know how bad I messed up :mug: My recipe: 50% 4Lbs Canadian Two-row 38% 3Lbs Light Dry Malt Extract 13% 1LBS Crystal 45L boil 1oz 60 mins 1.0 Warrior (15.2 AA) boil .5oz 15 mins 0.5 Amarillo (8.5 AA)...
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    Canadian Arctic Ale

    Sometimes its good to be Canadian, was dieing to try this How long do you think it will take to cool to 60F? I just put it out there at 7:55 and im stirring :) Its a Warrior IPA. My first Partial Mash.
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    Brew in Process need quick advice

    im doing my first partial mash, and somehow I have too much wort. My pot is REALLY full. Is it ok if i disolve my DME in a seperate pot and add it to the fermentor at the same time as the work. I think if i put this DME in it will be way too much Will this effect my beer? Also what...
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    Pot size question

    Im doing my first partial mash beer recipe and I have 4 pounds of grain. I have a 4 gallon pot and im wondering if that is big enough to hold all my grain with sufficient water? Other then this pot, my outdoor pot is something huge like 20 gallons which im guessing is too big? Basically I...
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    Help with my IPA

    I have put together my first partial mash recipe, an IPA. I would love to hear some feed back. I have never done a partial mash before and want to make sure I have the right amounts. Will I be able to handle these grains in a 16qt pot? malt & fermentables 50% 4Lbs American Two-row Pale...
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    Partial Mash Help

    Good Day :) So I want to try my luck at a partial mash, since I now have the equipment to do so but im having a hard time finding a 5 gallon IPA recipe. I need help selecting the grains, since Ive never done this before. I know 2 row is commonly used but i dont know what else or how much...
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    Yeast Washing Question

    I washed my yeast, according to the illustrated thread we have on here (which is great) But i have a noob question. I have my yeast in 4 mason jars, sitting in the fridge and the jars have seperated into 3 distinct color layers. In the thread once it was in the mason jars there was only 2...
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    Got some work done

    Just bottled a porter/stout and im in the process of washing the Irish white labs yeast to use again on another brew. Got a bit of work done tonight and my stout tasted delicious :) quite promising. First time washing yeast, so that was interested. Still waiting for it to settle out.
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    First lager Questions

    Im making my first lager..without a temperature controlled enviroment. I have two rooms ill be using. Basement. Ambient temperature 60-65 Wine Cellar. 40-45 Can someone reccomend a yeast that is versatile and would do well in one or both of these rooms? Is the wine cellar ok for...
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    Coopers Dark Ale, oops

    So I made a 5 gal batch using two coopers dark ale extract kits. No dextrose just the LME. Its a no boil kit. Anyways took my first taste sample and gravity reading. Its done fermenting but the flavor is VERY intense. I guess due to me using two kits instead of one plus dextrose. Its...
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    Help with a "off" flavor?

    Maybe someone can shed some light on a problem im having. Its really putting me in a downer because I know my beer tastes great but I have a re occuring off taste I need to sort out. The off taste, as best I can describe. If you ever smelt your rehydrating yeast, its a very minor minor...
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    Question about carbonation

    Hey guys I hope this hasnt been covered before, probably has. I bottle my beer is 1litre PET bottles. Now after two weeks the bottles get rock hard, because of all the gas. My question is, why when I pour the beer it's usually very weakly carbonated, and almost NO head. Maybe a month...
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    Gravity reading in Primary

    Brewed a stout on nov 24th and I was wondering when most people dip into the primary and take a gravity reading? Also I did a 5 gallon batch in a very large demijohn and im wondering how to extract a sample without letting too much co2 out so my beer doesnt oxidize. I was considering...
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    Cooling Beer at end of Primary

    In some reading ive done ive heard about "cold crashing" the beer and I have some questions about this. If I have my beer in primary for lets say 3 weeks, and then put it into my cold wine cellar 50F for 5-7 days will this help my beer? I bottle my beer and need to add sugar for...
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    Wyeast 2575-PC Kolsch II Yeast

    Wyeast 2575-PC Kolsch II Yeast: Beer Styles: Kölsch, Northern German Altbier, Düsseldorf Altbier Profile: This authentic Kolsch strain from one of Germany’s leading brewing schools has a rich flavor profile which accentuates a soft malt finish. It has Low or no detectable diacetyl production...
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    Forever a NEWB

    Funny thing happened today, while brewing some discount extract (no boil coopers dark Ale) that I couldnt resist buying at half price, so what if its a little expired :) Everything could not have gone smoother, it's a kit after all. Untill... I have everything in my primary bucket and need...