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    Snpa ???

    What an i missing???????? I have tried almost every all grain recipe for snpa clone some are close but not quite there! I can not put my finger on it maybe a fourth hop addition any ideas?
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    RJS Sicilian syrah

    This is my first try @ maiking wine.I just opened the box and read through the instructions.Nothing is said about the two hugarian oak sticks anywhere. I assume that they get added to the primary with the oak chips?
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    Aluminum vs (stainless) steel mill roller debate

    MOD EDIT: Split from a thread suggesting the use of aluminum grain mill rollers I would return those aluminum is the last thing you want in your beer or your body.Grain is pretty tough if you use thoses rollers i would say you will have aluminum in your first batch of grain.Spend the money and...
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    Anyone Drinking Yet

    Just poured myself a pint of cream ale how about you? :mug:
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    Three Hearted Ale

    I have had my three hearted ale in the ferenter now all of four weeks.Sould i leave in in to finish a couple more weeks or bottle it today? just looking for different opinions thanks in advance!
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    Carboys Wanted

    6.5 gallon used carboys wanted anyone willing to ship to texas? :mug:
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    Crisp Malts

    Who sell a full line of "crisp" brand malts.I noticed that nbrewer and others just carry Marris Otter and maybe one other type.I am looking for someone that sells a full line of the brand crystals,chocolates etc.:tank: Thanks in advance!
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    Corny Post

    I kegged my irish red yesterday.When i tried to put the disconnects on the corny posts they would get stuck,would be very hard as well to remove from post.So i had another keg i took both post off and those worked fine? no noticable burrs on post either? f.y.i. i bought new discconnects from...
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    Wyeast D.o.a.

    I was planned on making a lefse blond saturday smacked my yeast packet no swelling what so ever after several hours.So i deceided to make a starter to proof the yeast well almost 36 hours now with no movement.I have been brewing now about six months and this is the first time this has...
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    A 419

    Just got my johnson controls a419 plugged it in and plugged frig to it set temp and i need to set the jumper for cooling or is it defaulted for that?:mug:
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    4912 Conversion

    Just finished tap tower assy.install noticed hose ends are standard keg style connections.My question is do i cut those off and buy corny discconects and clamp them to the line or buy an adaptor?
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    Cream Ale

    I plan on brewing a cream ale kit i bought from northern brewer today.My question is about the mash schedule 122 degrees 20 min then 153 for 30 min. do i mash @ 122 then collect the runnings after 20 min? or do i raise the temp in my mashtun after the 122 degree rest of 20 then raise temp to...
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    I saved a small portion(two tablespoons) of white labs cal ale yeast in a sterile jar in my frig. My questtion is can i buildup the yeast population say over a couple of weeks to have an ample starter for my next five gallon batch? Thanks in advance