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    am i safe?

    Thanks for the responses. Now I need to find some nice bottles.
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    lost recipe

    I had a recipe for an Irish red that didn't have any chocolate malt but used toasted malt instead. I am out of chocolate malt and still want to brew something similar to an Irish red. Anyone have a good recipe they would like to share?
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    am i safe?

    Yeah, not looking to drink it. Just want to make sure I won't poison myself or anyone else who tastes/ uses it.
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    am i safe?

    I had a 3year old sour ageing. It has unfortunately turned into vinegar. Don't know how or why. Anyway, it tastes good but is it safe? Abv was about 5%
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    how can it go so low?

    Decided to secondary this one for a while and give the hotness a chance to mellow
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    how can it go so low?

    Yeah. Hot not sour.
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    how can it go so low?

    I'm going to check it today and if the gravity is the same, going to bottle. It tasted fine, just a little hot
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    how can it go so low?

    I BIAB . Bag out burner on
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    how can it go so low?

    But still, 1.060 to 1.005? You sure I denatured my enzymes?
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    how can it go so low?

    Floating thermometer in the mash checked periodically against my dial face thermometer. Both have always shown the same temperature. Would be unlikely that they are both off exactly the same but not impossible I suppose.
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    ....and nothing is happening....

    Still nothing or did it start. Can take 72 hours to start.
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    how can it go so low?

    Thermometer is almost bran new and reads true along side of my other one. But I will check them again. Thanks boydster! Bazowie, this did not happen from lack of attention but thanks for trying to help.
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    how can it go so low?

    I went high with the mash temp hoping for a les fermentable more body beer. Not what I got. Most of my beers will get to 1.010 with a mash at 155* so oli was hoping the beer would be a bit thicker .
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    First batch error but still okay?

    Maybe not so spicy. Have you tasted it?
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    how can it go so low?

    Brewed a beer that I mashed at 160* and the O.G. Was 1.060. Got all the way down to 1.005. Can't find my book to tell you the recipe but it is an English pale ale with at least a pound of crystal 40 or 60,can't remember. BRY-97 yeast. Pitched at almost 80* but by the next morning it was down...
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    How long can hops last in the freezer and be good?

    I bought 8lbs of whole hopsthat were cut from the bale. I divided them into 4oz portions in Ziploc bags 3 years ago. Still using them to this day. Been keep in the deep freezer the whole time. They still have good aroma and flavor. Not saying fresh wouldn't be alot better but just sharing...
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    What are you drinking now?

    Just finished a homebrew pale ale. Dude I tried one of those acid blonde cigars. Thought that it tasted like incense
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    Redneck beer drinking accessories

    Why not? I would've.
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    Bottling a Sour

    As I have stated in previous posts, I am lazy. I never got to bottling my sour and guess what? The pellicle has started to fall. This beer was brewed in April of 2011. Think its done?
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    Ireland Craft Breweries?

    Orkney brewery very good beer