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  1. jldc

    Texas Everything must go. East Texas pick up

    Getting out of the hobby. Everything must go. First person with $300 who can pick up and take it all gets it. Partial list: Chest freezer with digital temp control. Blickmann burner with leg extensions. 8 kegs (4 purchased "new" 4 used, 3 with old beer) 20# CO2 cylinder with regulator...
  2. jldc

    Issues with a monster mill

    Credit where credit is due: Here is a nice (long) response from the people at monster mills. L
  3. jldc

    Issues with a monster mill

    I have no real way to measure RPM but I run it slow - slow enough that it drags on the drill's motor. The mill was working again and finished all of the grain at the end, so nothing was "broken" just not working at that time. L
  4. jldc

    Issues with a monster mill

    I sent this email to the Monster Mill customer service people, but I thought I'd see what you guys have to say: What do you think?? L
  5. jldc

    White house beer

    I've added it after cooling on several occasions without any problems but I added it when fermentation is up and going when infection is less likely anyway. I've decided it doesn't add much/any honey flavor whenever you add it, so I've gone back to adding it with 2-3 min to go. It dissolves...
  6. jldc

    Igloo cooler as HLT

    Either can be done but just pouring heated water into the cooler is probably done by 98% of us. Adding an electric heating element to a cooler is cool, but much more expensive and you need the right know-how (wouldn't want to melt the cooler, would you?). L Edit: by pouring, I mean use a ball...
  7. jldc

    How do you make (AG) wort for a starter?

    Sounds like too many lawyers in the mix to me. If it can obtain and maintain the right heat it will sterilize your wort. Is there anything in the pressure relieve system that might get clogged by sugars or foam in canned foods? L
  8. jldc

    How to convert wit extract to all grain?

    FWIW I like Yooper's recipe, but I wouldn't use any 2-row. I'd use 4# wheat, 6# Pils. Not sure if you'd taste the difference or not. L
  9. jldc

    Will switching to AG alleviate that "homebrew" taste?

    My 2 cents: Clean your beer lines. You said you use Star-San on them but that only sanitizes. Run beer line cleaner through the lines. Disassemble and soak/clean the faucets and the disconnects. If you need to, you can change out the beer line relatively cheaply. All of the other advice will...
  10. jldc

    Consistently low on my mash temps (Beersmith)

    Note that the problem with saying "just strike at 12 degrees over mash temp" is that you have to always be using grains of the same temp with the same ratio of grain to strike water (qt/lb). If you vary these things, the necessary temp of the strike water will also change. If you don't, then you...
  11. jldc

    Consistently low on my mash temps (Beersmith)

    From my experience: 5 min isn't enough to preheat a cooler. 15 is better. I don't do any calculations on the mash tun. It's just blank in BeerSmith. If it's preheated to the same temp at the strike water, it should make much/any difference. If I make sure the amount of strike water is right...
  12. jldc

    Which burner?

    Use a grill mat and put the blichmann on cinder blocks. Works great and it your best option if you have to work on a deck. L
  13. jldc

    Hop Bill Help!

    Columbus for bittering. Then 2 oz each centennial and cascade at 15, 0 and dry, or maybe at 20, 10, 0, and dry. L
  14. jldc

    beer comic

    That's all L
  15. jldc

    What Thermometer should I trust? All skewed at certain degrees . . .

    No. The mash is not an exothermic process. Rising temps means the mash wasn't fully mixed when the first temp was taken. Stir like crazy, then check temp. L Edit: I guess if the mash tun is hotter than the mash it could happen. In that case it's not insufficient mixing, it's not waiting for...
  16. jldc

    What Thermometer should I trust? All skewed at certain degrees . . .

    +1 for a Thermapen. Expensive but useful for lots more than beer. L
  17. jldc

    Cooler vs keg or SS pot for HLT?

    Coolers work fine with a ball valve for MLT's. I'd get a 10 gallon size. To pitch 5 gallons you need 5.5 gallons in the kettle. To end with 5.5 gallons in the kettle, you may have to start with 7 or more gallons before a 90 min boil. That may require sparging with over 5 gallons of water. Get a...