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  1. RobBug

    AG Hefeweizen Protein question

    It sounds like you may have boiled too hard. More rapid boiling will darken the beer a bit. And the hydrometer readings are fine.
  2. RobBug

    AG Hefeweizen Protein question

    Yup that looks about right for a wheat beer. I brew quite a few wheats and that looks about normal.
  3. RobBug

    Analyzing My First All Grain

    I have found thermometers will screw you....all the time...unless you invest in the best. I have heard thermopens are the shiznitz. I don't have one tbh. To expensive for me. I invested $20 in a lab themometer - easy read type - linky: Easy read PARTIAL immersion themometer I use...
  4. RobBug

    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Yes...the objective is to move the yeast to the "food". I have had no problems with getting activity within a few hours due to no HUGE vortex. By just disturbing the surface of the liquid you should get enough oxygen transfer to support ludicrous propagation of yeaties :D
  5. RobBug

    First All grain started bad but I think I saved it.

    That's the great thing about home brewing. You never know what is gonna get thrown at ya! How you react really defines your brew. Glad you got it together. Tell us how it came out.
  6. RobBug

    New Beer TV show on Discovery! "How Beer saved the world"

    After watching this show ... especially with the "space" tangent, .... Coors is looking good now... help....... For the masses it can only be good. For us, it is up to us to make fill in the real facts when people talk about the...
  7. RobBug

    New Beer TV show on Discovery! "How Beer saved the world"

    In the spirit of this post: Bitchin! Ya! They really are stretching some of the "facts" Wow. But hey, it's ok. We will just have a bunch of ignorant beer drinkers (BMCers) spouting all this "stuff" out and inspiring the more intelligent people to do a little research and become...
  8. RobBug

    New Beer TV show on Discovery! "How Beer saved the world"

    I like how they made beer into the corner stone of figuring out "germ theory". Fine by me :D
  9. RobBug

    New Beer TV show on Discovery! "How Beer saved the world"

    On another note - it is obvious after watching the first half of this show, most people are really ignorant of the history of beer and really just think it's a means to just get drunk with. This makes me sad. Very sad.
  10. RobBug

    New Beer TV show on Discovery! "How Beer saved the world"

    West Coast showing. Let the cheese begin!
  11. RobBug

    DIY mashtun... DONE!

    Congrats - next thing you know you'll be eyeing larger coolers and kettles :D
  12. RobBug

    Anatomy of an HBT thread about a beer show on TV

    I LOL'd HARD on this. Very Very nice!
  13. RobBug

    What a cluster [email protected]$k!

    ^^ This Most thermometers are +/- 2F and those that are more precise are more expensive. I personally use a lab thermometer to calibrate all my other thermometers in the house - keeps the glass one from constant use and potential breakage. On top of that 2 or 3 degrees is not really the...
  14. RobBug

    When you drop the chiller in...

    The "dullness" is the protective oxide layer formed on copper. When you leave it immersed in a highly reactive or acidic cleaner it strips this oxide layer away. Issue? no. dirty? no. I toss my immersion chiller in at the end when I think about it. Unless you left your chiller...
  15. WortBoilingwithfullpaddle


    My custom mash paddle. Made three of these for my local club.
  16. WortBoiling


    My custom mash paddle. Red oak. Untreated. All designs were burned in.
  17. RobBug

    Water filter for more clear beer !?

    Correction - it really depends on the filter. If it's equipped with activated carbon or whatnot then it will really clean up. If you suck up the yeast it will get clogged and require backflushing etc. Here is a decent thread on it from another forum: Carbon filtration And here is the wiki...
  18. RobBug

    Do I still get to RDWHAHB?

    Nice LOL :D
  19. RobBug

    Water filter for more clear beer !?

    Using a water filter for beer is a pretty bad idea. Best case scenario, you get pure water when filtering your wort (after about the first pint then it will just clog). Worst case scenario, it immediately clogs - 99.9% sure this will happen. Either way you waste money. Time...
  20. RobBug

    Nice little aluminum vorlauf pitcher

    Heheh the cooks on my boat use those. Standard commercial kitchen utensil. Very durable. Can drop kick those things and they keep on ticking.