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    Kolsch yeast fermenting temp question

    So I'm brewing an American Wheat with Kolsch yeast. I'm brewing two batches on the same yeast package, and I have limited fridge space. Primary fermentation is complete on the first batch. Is it a problem to rack to secondary and keep in the basement (at ~70) for the secondary? My guess...
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    Oh what a difference the crush makes

    So since I started brewing all-grain batches about 9 months ago, I've always complained to myself about low efficiency. Towards the end of last year I pretty much gave up trying to improve it because I was doing all of the right things. I've been using the NMODBS method with "consistent"...
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    Does HBT send email alerts for PMs? ISP Blocked possibly?

    Does HBT send email alerts for PMs? I've got my email address set up correctly (double checked it), and I've got the box checked to send me an email when I receive a PM. I'm just making sure that it's all good on this end before I go and contact my ISP. It's pretty BS that they would filter...
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    Spartenburg gas tube o-ring?

    I ended up with one Firestone Spartenburg keg in my last purchase, and as anyone who has received one of these knows, they're different. The gas tube is a plastic/nylon tube, but mine didn't have any sort of o-ring on it. Is this typical? The fit is extremely tight, so I can see it not...
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    How to adjust recipes for efficiency?

    I'm planning to brew a couple of recipes found on this site (Edwort's Haus Pale Ale and Beirmuncher's Centennial Blonde). My first AG batch had an efficiency of ~65%. Both of these recipes are set up for 70-75%. Should I just up the 2-row so that I end up with the same OG, or do I need to...
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    First AG in the bucket

    Well today was one heck of a long day. I'm used to the 3 hour extract brew process, and today took almost 6 hours. Of course, I think I can get it down to 5 hours without too much trouble. I'm still getting used to my burner. I did the AHS Honey Blonde Ale. My mash efficiency was 68%...