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    Entire Homebrew set up w/refridgerator $650- Nashville, TN

    Brad, If your deal falls through with the looker tomorrow, I'll take it all provided the fridge can be plugged up to verify it works. just let me know. I can get it quick if needed. Thanks
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    a newb in nashville

    What is this grain buy you speak of? :drunk: And to the OP, welcome. :mug:
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    Need a Brew Name for this Label...

    "Krausen Sniffer" comes to mind. Don't ask me why.
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    Grand Cru/Heritage Estates/Vino Vida Chianti

    Vino del Vida is the only wine kit my LHBS carries. (Actually, its not a LHBS, its a feed and tack store that carries wine making items). But its a pretty good kit for the money. I've gone pretty much all fruit now, but for old times sake I bought a Cabernet Shiraz the last time I was in...
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    damn you BMC!

    Put a little Vodka in your bud. That doesn't count as a boilermaker does it?
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    T. O.

    F***ing hilarious! ^^^^
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    Holy Cow, I'm in trouble now!

    Thanks. My plan is to tour most of the local vineyards here in TN (last count I think we have 30+) and get to know what they grow, and what they'd buy. If possible I would like to sell grapes until I could determine the viability of producing wine on a production scale. If I could sell my...
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    Holy Cow, I'm in trouble now!

    I saw on here last night someone's hops trellis and was just telling my wife about it. I put in another grape trellis this afternoon, a short run next to the house that's going to have muscadines on it. I'm really in trouble here. I've been staking out a portion of my shop for a sculpture...
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    My memorium.

    Don't forget the BBQ!
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    Holy Cow, I'm in trouble now!

    Well, I do mix it kinda strong. If 2 ounces is good, 4 ounces is better right!? For my sake though, what does sodium met not kill? Knock on wood but I've been using it exclusively for about 6 years and haven't had a problem yet. Thanks, John
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    My memorium.

    Hey, the first thing I noticed was the Black Widow. Then the P&Y buck. Nice! I'm a longbow guy myself, went trad only 12 years ago and LB about six. If I could post pics I'd show you one a friend made for me. Bamboo backed Osage, 64" NTN shoots a 700 grain ash arrow like butter. Oh...
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    Holy Cow, I'm in trouble now!

    Ben, Thanks for the tips. I use sodium metabisulfite as a sanitizer in my wine making. I would have never thought of bleach. Do any brewers use sodium met for sanitizing? I know what you mean about writing things down. I wish I had done that during all my wine making time. John
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    Holy Cow, I'm in trouble now!

    I'm in Southern Middle TN, about 2 hours south of Nashville. Thanks for the book recommendations everyone, that's the first thing I usually do when trying something new, go and buy a book. What are the opinions of everyone here, begin with extracts, or jump into AG? I know AG is what I'm...
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    Holy Cow, I'm in trouble now!

    Hello All! I stumbled onto this lovely place reading a list of links from Wine Maker Magazine. One or two clicks and here I am. Glad I found it too. I've been a home wine maker for years, and even tried to brew some beer from extract a few years back, with poor success. But like any...