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    BCS462 fermentation control

    I have a 50A panel from ebrewsupply that has a BCS462 installed inside. I have 4 temp probes for fermentation open on the panel and I have two freezers that I would like to control. Can anyone share how they control fermentation freezers through your panel/BCS462 allowing cooling and heating...
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    E brewery complete

    I was able to finish up the brewery this past weekend. Been a couple months in the making and many mistakes, learning, blood, sweat and beers..of course $$$$. I am pretty happy with it but I'm sure I will continue to tinker I tried to plan for that in the build. I couldn't have done it...
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    Beervent calendar

    My wife made this for me to make sure I drink everyday leadung up to xmas :-) Very nice early xmas present, now just need suggestions on what to fill up with. It holds bottles and can.
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    first all grain today

    I have been brewing for about a year now with extract and this christmas i got all new eqipment to go to all grain. Good day today and learned a lot about things I can do better next time. Took about 6.5 hours start to clean up. I did a midwest hop head kit to start out with so I knew...