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    Jockey box question related to untapping

    Hi all, I have a plate chiller 2 tap jockey box that I will be using for the first time at a party this weekend. I know about packing the lines with beer before ice hits the plate, keeping the kegs cold since it's not a coil system etc, but it occurs to me I don't know what to do about...
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    CMB Ball lock QDs, wonky or just me?

    Hi all, When we built our keezer last year using EVA 4mm ID, I put ball lock posts on our sankey couplers and am using CMB ball lock QDs to Duotight 1/4" female flare/PTC fittings. I am not thrilled with the CMB ball locks, specifically on the gas side. It seems like tho the ball locks are...
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    Are eva 4mm ID lines too restrictive to clean 4 taps at once?

    Hi all, Would love to be able to clean all 4 of my taps at once. I use 4mm ID (8mm OD) EVA barrier lines for beer and gas with ball lock posts on my sankey couplers. I have a few of those QD ball lock jumper posts and an aquarium pump that puts out 1,100gpm. I would LOVE to be able to do all my...
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    Question on acid cleaning for beer lines

    Hi there, Newer tap system here (running only a few months) and planned to do an acid cleaning vs my normal alkaline cleaning. Do I need to do alkaline AFTER acid or just acid and rinse until the pH tests back to our normal water? thanks!
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    Has anyone used a system like this for keeping an eye on weights?

    Given the recent gas leak problem I've been looking at the scales and such people mentioned here and stumbled on this...
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    Maybe a Gas leak?

    So... Got the 4 tap kegerator up and running just before memorial day with only 3 kegs. Poured a beer this past Friday with no problems. Earlier in the week, I had kicked the one sixtle that we immediately untapped and pulled out after we shut off that output on the manifold. So far we've gone...
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    Cleaning questions

    Hi there, 2 questions, one related to cleaning, one about keeping clean 1.) We just kicked our first keg. As we need to move the kegerator from the garage to it's final space in the basement, we aren't refilling it right away (still have 2 kegs on). Should I circulate the caustic cleaner...
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    We have beer!

    Hi all, Thanks to all the help from great, knowledgeable people here, I now have Sam Porch Rocker on draft at home. I'll post a keezer build picture when it's totally complete but for now some quick pictures. I have to do the trim to cover the pocket holes and paint the bolts in the floor...
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    Fan/circulating question

    Hi all, Got most of the case/lid done and getting to the hardware going in. I may at some point go with the bilge blower idea for air circulation since I happen to have one sitting around but initially, I'm going to get a USB fan to mount inside the collar since I happen to have one on hand...
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    Tap and beer line cleaning?

    Hi all, Building a 4 tap keezer here with black iron pipe "tower" on a hinged lid. I am wondering how people are cleaning their lines and how often? Each keg change at a minimum I assume. I'd like a way to make it as easy as possible (jumpers on the tap side perhaps to connect things?) but...
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    Possibly a stupid question about line length for gas (and beer)

    Hi there, Staining and poly is done so I'm getting ready to start installing hardware. I have a 39' EVA coil from Williams Brewing and planning for 4 taps all with duotight fittings. From what I've read here, seems like 5.5 - 7' is the preferred beer line length depending on serving temp (I'm...
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    Does anyone by chance know the length of this duo tight fitting for shank?

    I'm possibly reassessing my shank situation and wondering if someone knows how much length this adds to the shank when fully seated to the end of the push in side? I'm in a black iron 2" tower and need to worry about the length. I have 1 7/8" shanks with barbs but would prefer not to use the...
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    Collar question as it relates to hinged lid

    We were planning to do a split lid so we didn't have to wheel the thing away from the wall to fill it (4 tap with 2" black iron pipe, two legs, 2 elbows, 4 taps across so think inverted U) but the drink rinser/drip tray would have to sit just about right in the split so we're back to a one piece...
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    should this nut and barb come off?

    Hi all, Recently ordered 2 D couplers and an S coupler from micromatic. I thought the gas side nut should come off so I can swap from the barn to an MFL tailpiece. I didn't want to crank on it too hard with the wrench but it won't budge (I only tried 1 of 3). SHOULD the thing actually come off...
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    Parts for build

    Hi all, referring back to these threads: I think I have my shopping list built, with a few questions... MFL fittings...
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    Controller question - do they reset after power outage?

    Hi all, I'm looking to decide what controller to buy for my keezer build. A friend mentioned NOT getting a digital one because after a power outage (tho we have a generator that comes on automatically, it does take 20 - 30 seconds to kick in), the digital ones go back to some preset temp vs the...
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    Can I fit 4 sixtels in this freezer?

    Hi all, Hope everyone is doing well. A while back I had started thinking about my bar build and was reading a lot here and asking questions, then life happened, the pandemic happened, a move/house renovation was delayed and now things are settling down so I want to get back to the bar building...
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    Multiple newbie questions

    Hi all, Thank you to those who talked me out of buying that 7cu ft freezer I saw and confirmed I could NOT get 4 1/6s in it. I've been looking through this thread and I'm now neck deep in web browser...
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    Newbie, how many kegs in a 7cu ft freezer?

    Hi all, I'm very new to all this and we are in the process of finishing a basement where we'll put a bar in. I don't home brew (yet) but have two friends that do. I'd like to have 4 taps going and from reading here, thought a 7cu ft fridge would be enough but now that I have a chance to buy one...