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    Acorn Beer?

    So did this ever get done? I'm curious. Eating an acorn raw, they're extremely bitter. Could they be used in any way as a bittering agent?
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    Fermenting Over Winter?

    okay so i opened it up and it looks a-ok, no infections or anything. however, when i bottle it for carbonation, should I add more yeast (assuming the yeast that froze is dead), or take my chances with an uncarbonated beer? thanks!
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    Fermenting Cider

    definitely not good to use - nalgenes are illegal in places for a reason. cancer! and alcohol will leach more carcinogens from plastic than will water so i'd say that's a resounding no no
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    Fermenting Over Winter?

    well we all know the deal with new england weather if you don't like it wait a minute
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    Fermenting Over Winter?

    So... I live in New England. I put a 5 gallon batch in my garage for primary fermentation (plastic bucket). Then I had so much stuff going on I had to let it be for a month or two. Then it got so cold that it froze. My question is: Now that it is warming up, and is melted, can I bottle...