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    Need help step mashing 50% rye

    I am planning on brewing a beer with 50% malted rye. Here is the grain bill for a 2.75g test batch. 3.5Lb Munich 3lb rye 6oz crystal rye. 6.88lb total grain bill. So what i want to do is a step mash with a 20 min beta glucan rest at 104° then up to 154° for 60 min then mash out at 168° So...
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    Using Apple Juice Concentrate to bottle carbonate

    I recently brewed up a Graff. I want to bottle carbonate with frozen Apple juice concentrate to really boost the Apple flavor. According to the juice concentrate there are 29g sugar per serving and 8 servings per can. So the whole thing has 232g sugar which is 8.1 oz sugar. According to Brewer's...
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    Help me build a IIPA with what I have on hand

    So I scored a bag of Maris otter for $40, I split it with a buddy so half a 55lb bag for $20. I want to use some of what I have left, maybe 19lb on hand, and try a west coast style IIPA with it. I'll end up picking up a few things from the lhbs, but I want to minimize what I need to buy. I also...
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    Share your favorite Maris otter recipe

    I picked up a 55 lb sack of mo for $40 and ill split it with a member of my homebrew club. I haven't used it before so I wanted to see if anyone would share their favorite recipes with mo. Can be any style, Im not a fan of smash brews a whole lot, tho.
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    Who has experience with commercial draft systems? I got a job offer

    One of the distributors here in Vancouver, wa has an opening for draft line techs. One of the reps was servicing an account while my step dad, who is a plumber, was doing the plumbing prep work. The rep told my step dad they need more techs and suggested I apply. I only have a single keg cobra...
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    Burton ale yeast in a honey blonde ale

    A member of my homebrew club and I are going to brew an English porter sometime in June. He suggested the Burton ale yeast. So I thought I'd try the yeast in a recipe I did last summer, with a few changes. 8lb 2 row .5lb carapils 1lb honey malt Bittering with chinook and using...
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    Champagne yeast or wpl099 to finish a 1.102 IIPA?

    I was wondering if using champagne yeast would finish off an IIPA with an OG of 1.102 if the pacman yeast doesn't get it below 1.020 I brewed a 5 gallon batch of 1.090 starting, then added a gallon of white grape juice bringing my OG up to 1.102 If it finishes above 1.020 I wanted to add...
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    Added white grape juice. What's my new OG?

    For some reason I'm having a difficult time determining what my new OG would be for this brew I did. 5 gallons of beer at 1.090 I added 1/2 gallon of white grape juice, and ill add another soon. Gravity of the juice was 1.070. What would the OG be for 6 gallons total? And in the future how...
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    Barleywine. Should I partial mash or just steep?

    I'm looking to brew a Barleywine this weekend. I have all my ingredients ready but I'm wondering if I should pm the specialty grains with some 2 row or just steep them and add lme from there? 3 gallon batch size I have: .5lb honey malt .5 lb C10* .25 special b Wpl090 san Diego super yeast 2...
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    Oak Aged Imperial beer-wine hybrid ipa

    Brewing this one up tomorrow once my son goes to bed. 15 lb 2 row 1lb Munich (20*l) 1/2 lb honey malt 1/2lb carapils 1/2lb corn sugar PacMan Yeast 1oz Magnum (12.2%) 90 min 1 oz Columbus (15.2%) 60 min 1 oz Chinook (13%) 45 min 1 oz simcoe (14.4%) 20 min 1 oz Nelson Sauvin...
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    Mother-in-laws. AM I RIGHT?

    My MIL is staying the night. She's the "Well, actually..." To conversations she's not even a part of type. She drives me nuts. I can rant all night long. I need a beer. Two beers. Kegs of beers.
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    ABV tolerance for San Diego Super Yeast

    Ive searched and searched, but all i can find is "high" for alcohol tolerance. I want to know if anyone knows just how high I can ferment with this yeast? I want to brew a barleywine, pitch on a us-05 cake i have and use something else to get it passed the alcohol tolerance of us-05. If I have...
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    Feedback on my hopbursted India red ale

    Looking for some thoughts on my next brew, mostly trying to decide if I should add a 60 min addition 7lb 2 row 5.5 lb red x .5 lb crystal 60* 2oz midnight wheat 6oz corn sugar (5 min boil) Mash 152* 60 min 1 oz chinook (13%AA) 20 MIN 1 Oz simcoe 14.4% 15 min 1oz nelson Sauvin 11.4% 10min...
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    Never brewed a roggenbier. Am I on track here?

    I did a rye Ipa and really prefer it over a non rye Ipa so I thought I would try a German roggenbier. Looking to see if I'm going to be on track with this recipe. It's based off a couple things I found, like a few recipes from BYO and some ingredients I have on hand. 5.5 g batch size 6 lb 2...
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    Versatile German Lager yeast for Bock, Doppelbock, Oktoberfest

    I'm trying to find a good yeast that would do well in the above mentioned lager styles. I want to brew a bock and once its done fermenting brew a dopplebock and pitch straight onto the yeast cake. I'd also like to do oktoberfests with the same yeast. I'm a sucker for malty German and bavarian...
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    Lagering a Bock at 55 for a few weeks after fermentation

    I ordered an stc 1000 and I want to brew a traditional bock lager Here is my question. I want to brew the beer, follow the lager fermentation schedule, and once I rack the beer after primary I want to brew a doppelbock and just pitch it on the yeast cake. I have a spare fridge ill be using...
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    Nelson Sauvin/Simcoe IRA

    I want some thoughts on if simcoe and nelson will go together well. I want the fruity uniqueness from nelson that I love and some dank earth like flavor and aroma unique to simcoe 5.5 g batch 11lb 2 row 5lb Red X malt 3oz midnight wheat for color adjustment 1oz chinook 60min 1oz each...
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    Widmer Bros love their Nelson Sauvin

    I'm drinking their latest Ipa Upheaval. Man its like drinking a glass of NS hops. I love it. They also have the Nelson Imperial, and discontinued the O Ryely Ipa that was also drenched with nelson I bought a single 12oz of this one and can't wait to pick up a 6er again. Fantastic hop aroma...
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    Red X Malt

    I was looking at the LHBS website and I saw they sell something called Red X malt. The description has me very intrigued, but I dont see anything on HBT about it, which has me a little hesitant. This is the description from Best Malz website: BEST Red X malt is specially created for...
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    Ninkasi Tricerahops clone help

    Im lookin for some advise on this clone on ninkasis tricerahops iipa I do all grain but my buddy does extract and wants to clone this beer so ill give it a shot. Steep 30 min at 155*: 1/2 lb 2 row 1/2 lb Munich 10l 1/2 lb crystal 10l 3 gallon boil, top off to 5.5g Beginning of boil...