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    Thin mashing = Extreme US05 Auttenuation. or?

    Attenuation with S-05 I had a few beers going quite low recently. I know the first thing that spring to mind is an infection here in the summer time but I very much doubt it due to my process and the looks/taste of it. But, the last supposed to be, session Centennial IPA went from 1053 to...
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    Commercial yeast close to ST.Bernardus?

    I had a few of the different St.Bernardus beers. The all have this distinct taste, from the yeast I assume. Could anyone tell me if there is a commercial yeast available, that will give me something like that. I know it’s supposed to be Westvletern strain way back, but mutated and different...
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    Unhealthy yeast propagation and starters

    I was thinking a bit about yeast harvesting from a bottle and propagation of it. Well actually this also concerns using very stressed yeast and/or with low vitality. I see a lot of threads on repitching slurry, when and when not to.What I was wondering. Let’s say I’m harvesting yeast from a...
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    Doing a cleanup, will this work?

    Time for a closet cleanout. I'm a big fan of porters and Imperials... I have a lot of things that’s nearing the end of "best of date"... Does something in this recipe look crazy to you? It’s a 5 gal batch. 2000g Bohemian 1000g Flaked Barley 1000g Rye 1000g Wheat 700g Caracrystal 60 500g...
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    That English twang (Fuller & Samuel Smith)

    Well tried to brew a bunch of English inspired Imperial stouts, ESBs, plain porters etc. But just can’t seem to get that “thing” I’m looking for. Samuel Smith Imperial stout has it along with Fullers London porter and it’s also pronounced in Sam Smiths nut brown, but not the taddy so much. I...
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    Hop storage - Bags, foil etc.

    Hi… I’m about to split up my bulk hops in smaller portions. I’ve been looking for a fitting bag, Mylar is not that accessible in Europe, so I was thinking something like these: Freshield 20 x Vacuum Pack Bags 185 x 280mm @ Seems to be 5 layered: (PE/PE/Tie/PA/PA). Will...
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    Fermentation won't start... help.

    I’m having a problem, and I really hope you cider experts can help… I pressed a bunch of apples (quite young), added campden, 1g pr. 10L. Let it sit for 2 days and then added yeast. Nothing happened, added another Champange yeast after 3 days (the brouwland CHAMP. Yeast) which is fermenting...
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    Adjusting sparge water

    I'm a bit puzzled about the sparge water PH. Am I understanding things right, that you guys adjust with fx. 2ml lactic in the sparge to drop it from fx. 7.8 to a 5.something ? (Which is my tap water ph). Doesn’t the large amount of lactic cause even more off flavors vs. astringency/tannin...
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    IPA gone extremely bitter after 2 months

    Well, just kegged for the first time. A wonderful thing to get into, but now a lot of new questions has emerged as my first keg has now gone bad. I see mostly 3 options: 1. It could be my Co2 (which is not food grade, but as far as I’m told It doesn’t matter, or at least not...
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    WLP 300 - The reason why to scale down a batch

    Just did a starter with the WLP 300... wow. Decided to scale down the normal 22L brew down to 15 instead in a 30L bucket. Don’t need the extra cleaning:)
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    Can gushing be due to yeast sediment?

    I just had the first preview of a test batch, and unfortunately it was quite a gusher. The thing is, that this small 1g test batch gave me some serious trouble during bottling. I decided that due to the small amount I would bottle straight from the primary… ufff… Mixed the priming sugar fine...
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    Carbing with wine/cider yeast - will it add any taste?

    I am considering adding wine/cider yeast before bottling to my two batches of Doppel Bock that has been in my cellar for 4-5 months now. I was just wondering if I might expect any kind of taste from it, or are the entire flavor profile already done. I’m a little afraid of ruining a pair of...
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    Samuel Smith imperial Stout

    Now I’ve been searching/googeling for a quite while with absolutely no luck. Have anyone ever been able to, or come close to, cloning this great beer? I would love to have some guidelines for my next brew. Christian
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    Carbonation calculation vs. temperature

    I was just wondering… Should I be using the fermentation temperature or the final (lagering/clearing) temperature when bottling as a guideline when calculating carbonation sugar? For instance when a lager beer is stored a month or so at fx. 1c it will not get any additional Co2 when...
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    Decoction mashing, does it not add bitter off flavors?

    Or am I completely off. I mean, when I started brewing I used to sparge with water almost at boiling temperatures, and ended up with extreme off flavors and bitterness due to tannins extracted from the dark grains because of the way too hot water I’ve been told. What’s the difference...
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    Anyone doing lagers in primary only?

    Just brewed my 3rd Doppel Bock… And can’t help to wonder, due to all the threads about primary only, if anyone ‘round here does the same with their lager beers/high OG/FG beers. I’m planning on maybe leaving the DB for 3 weeks primary at 8-11c and then during the next week lower the...
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    Brewing Doppel bock: inputs/feedback

    Hi I’m about to brew my 3rd DB, the first 2 went down the drain due to too high fermentation temps/fusel. Now I’m planning the next for tomorrow, my recipe looks as follows, and I would love some comments on it and opinions in general. I skipped decotion and steps, and...
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    Diacetyl rest lenght

    After reading a lot of posts regarding diacetyl rest I’m still in doubt regarding the length of the rest. I’ve read 2-3 days when doing a lager, but will the beer suffer from fx 5-7 days? Just to be sure all diacetyl is gone. And what about temperature, is the increase/rest proportional...
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    Citric acid instead of lactic in Wit beer

    Was wondering if this would be an option, I am trying to get something light and easy drinkable. I was thinking of adding x grams when bottling. If anyone had any interesting results I would like to know how to get a Hoegardenish sourness to my wit, with the citric acid of course.
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    Am i the only one with a US-56 off taste

    Hi... I’m pretty new to the brewing world, 15 batches so far. I have a problem every time I use the US 05 yeast I seem to get this yeasty tasting off taste(off or maybe just a part of this strain). I’m brewing 5 gal pr. Batch, and believe I’ve tried staying very strict with temperature...