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  1. jeepinjeepin

    Vacuum transfer through filter

    I need to filter a beer and I only have one empty keg. I'm thinking about putting the beer in a bottling bucket, running it through a cardboard plate filter, and to a keg while pulling vacuum on the keg. My concerns are foaming and imploding the corny keg. Go.
  2. jeepinjeepin

    Manual controlled direct fired RIMS?

    I'm looking for opinions and suggestions here. I have a 5 gallon cooler mash tun, 6 gallon and 10 gallon pots with valves, and a March pump. My plan is to mash in either the cooler or 10 gallon pot and gravity drain to the 6 gallon pot over a Bayou SP10 gas burner and pump back up completing the...
  3. jeepinjeepin

    Secondary feeding?

    I brewed an Old Ale on 10-1-11 with an OG of 1.080 that finished down to 1.020. I pitched Wyeast Brett B 5112 on 2-10-12 and Wyeast Lacto 5335 3-24-12. I feel the need to monkey around with it some but am very new to wild and sour so I came here for help. I am thinking about boiling up a feeding...
  4. jeepinjeepin

    Big River Brewing Company Orlando

    This brewery is on the Walt Disney World Broadway Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florid (Orlando). I was hoping for the best but expecting less considering it is on the property of a theme park. I was pleasantly surprised. Kent is the brewer there. He is awesome and is willing to give a cramped...
  5. jeepinjeepin

    Favorite/Most versatile grains

    What are your favorite/most versatile grains? Some sort of pale malt is a given. American 2 row or Marris Otter we know are very common. If you wanted to make the most recipes with the fewest grains what else would you get? Munich? Vienna? Roasted Barley? If you could only get one type of...
  6. jeepinjeepin

    Rookie mistakes

    Help me out here. I brewed A MO/Fuggles Smash last night. 2lbs of Marris Otter for a 1 gallon batch. This is my second mash and I am still working the bugs out. I have been using BrewPal and while it may be great after I get the defaults customized to my system right now it is just driving me...
  7. jeepinjeepin

    Dog Biscuits

    Baked some spent grain dog biscuits last night. Grain was around 50% MO, 25% wheat malt, and 25% flaked wheat and oats. 4 cups grain, 4 cups all purpose flour, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg. Mix well. Smash into a cookie sheet for thick biscuits, 2 sheets for thin biscuits. Bake at 350 for 30...
  8. jeepinjeepin

    Brew Night-Beelzeboss

    I have Beelzeboss boiling right now. Has anyone here ever made this brew? BYO October 2007