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    Wrong hop, super bitter quad...

    So I just realized I threw in 2oz of simcoe instead of 1.5 of saaz. I got much of the hops out that I could with a strainer. I am sure that I got at least 1/2oz - an oz. How confident is anyone that the bitterness will age out? A Year? Its going to probably be at least 45 ibus. maybe more...
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    Imperial Stout feedback, high in roasted malts

    So my main concern with this recipe is the high amounts of dark grains, it does have 12 oz of carafa special iii so I am hoping it will simply add color and some flavor without the added harshness. Of course I plan for it to age 6 months to a year. Any input would be greatly appreciated. The...
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    Bumping stout to Imperial Stout

    Hello all, I was just wondering when upping the grains of a stout to formulate an imperial stout do you only bump the base grains, or all the grains including specialty and roasted? Thanks, Ryan